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I tried it for a little while, but it was always the same few people who only wanted solutions and weren’t taking the time to learn why they worked. It didn’t have the sense of fulfilment like the forums, knowing that no one else would learn from my help as it disappeared quickly into the chat history.

So true. So accurate. Discord tends to have that tendency of endless chat and in this case, repetition. But hey, at least we’re active.
But yes, I agree entirely of what you all just said, at least me personally. I’ve thought about several solutions, none of them being very helpful in the long term, one solution being to start a more in-depth FAQ channel where we pin questions, etc. Or maybe include them in the official documentation. We need good moderators and volunteers for updating things, the developers can only do so much at a time by themselves. Would you say you would possibly be interested in any of those assignments? Fyi I have no say in the matter, as I am not a developer but help the developers whenever I can so I wouldn’t have final say, but your willingness to help others is more than most do these days, and I say this not as jab to anyone on Discord or BA.

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Discord channels also have a reputation for turning into a dumpster fire at a moment’s notice. If you don’t have a moderator watching at all times, then the site begins to live up to its name and people won’t want to use it anymore (Discord means division, or sowing the seeds of division and anger).

With that in mind even a Reddit channel would be a better option, but the best option would be a forum where old Q&A sessions are easy to find and where the moderation tools are more advanced.

(emphasis mine)

Agreed. We’ve already got a decent forum here with literally decades of Q&A.

I can see the appeal of Discord for rapid communication between developers (I use similar tools in my development team), but for end-user QA, I think a forum is more suitable as a permanent host of knowledge. Since I only contribute to end-user QA, I’ll just stick to the forums to support people.

There is a UPBGE Reddit, not sure if it’s that well advertised. It is quite inactive.

Why discord or reddit? We fought to keep this section of the BA forum alive, So put links from this forum into those sections so this part of the forum gets more active again, like the good old days.

No need for trash sites or servers while there is already an outstanding one right here…
Perfect moderation, maybe we can get it crowded enough that @Monster returns!!!

So what you say? Best option right? Best information is found here as well so why split it up?


I miss Monster. He helped me a lot while I was learning. Such a kind and respectful person.

I agree, Monster was probably the most polite and helpful person who used BGE. Now, about the forum. It’s not very active per say. I know, I know. It looks like I’m dissing the forum. I’m not, I promise you that. However, I can’t help but point out that the forum only had two BGMC contestants, and many people including Monster have moved on, whether to new engines or just moved on to a new forum. (who knows) Some of you may have noticed that all but a few of the former forum moderators including Monster have been removed. Life is moving on whether we want to or not, with or without lock-down. Did I mention we have famous people on Discord that BA does not? Mike Pan (book author), Mark Telles (game creator of one of the best trending UPBGE games of all time). I seriously can’t name but a few old BGE developers that are not already on the Discord. Seriously, ask, they are already on there, lurking, but there.

Discord is a different tool to solve a different problem.

When I needed to solve something in my projects, I Googled the problem. 9/10 times I would end up on a thread from with several approaches to pick and choose from. The other 1/10 times I’d land up on the BGE community on StackOverflow.
The neat thing about that is I never needed to ask the question, because the information was already available. How many people get helped every day by this forum without us even knowing?

You will never be able to search on Google and find results from Discord. Ever. It’s just not what it was designed for.
I’m not saying don’t use Discord, because it’s great for quick and casual chatting, but it will never replace a forum/wiki/reddit for supporting people.

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i agree, as a library of resources, theres none better than a forum, dare i say BA for blender stuff even.

but to actually interact with the community, one needs to be among them. nowadays all the kids hang at reddit and discord. whether we like it or not, good ol fashion forums are being left behind, few have the patience for non-instant replies.

forums are becoming like libraries, pretty much good for archives.

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And I permanently went down a trust level during those flamewars, you mean to tell me it was all for nothing?

Here there is a clear record of questions and quirks and issues and solutions. You can search for stuff and go back in time with ease. As an archive it is simply superior.

Discord is instant communication, bunch of raunchy anime and NSFW content because of course those things are there, I don’t even want to know. Everything else is: where is X, do I need Y, could someone please work on Z, guys look at this cool W. And so on and so on. It’s good for that, I like it for quick team communication and such.

But I will never answer a question on what’s essentially a chatbox with whistles if the answer in question is longer than a couple of paragraphs and something I have to think through and provide examples for it to click. Because that’s not something you’ll be able to find in a few years, or a few weeks even, when the issue pops up again and you realize you missed something.

But Randy wouldn’t care about that, now would he?
What he wants is numbers ticking up:

Therefore, man considers one is a relic of times past, and the other’s more of the new way. It’s dat certified __fresh__ mentality. Forget the old stuff, we don’t “need” that! “No one” uses it anymore!

Well, try learning bge or even bpy scripting without some of those ten year old posts. Wait, what am I saying? You don’t even bmesh.

I think both platforms are useful and can complement each other, so I’d use both. For, and only for, what they’re actually good at. I’m not about replacing a screwdriver with a hammer, but you give that a go sometime: I’m sure it’ll be a mind-opening experience.


  1. I joined the discord because you kept spamming invites.
  2. I joined this board out of my own initiative.

You may draw your own conclussions from these fax. $:LYEB_OUT;>

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This forum will always be special to me,
I post my resources here still,

I try and answer questions here when they come up too,

We should take questions that get solved that are complex or going to come up again and post them here from the discord.


i think the take away is: next time theres an event, we should be sure to “advertise” it on other platforms to increase visibility.

im not under the impression anyone wants to replace anything, like @Liebranca said, right tool for the right job.