BGE vehicle damage physics

I need help with my gar game. I want the car to be damaged when it drives into a wall.

It woud be very nice if someone coud help me and even better with a tutorial.

Sorry, my english is very bad.

Look at this.
there is an example further down the page

I want the hole car to be damaged like in real world. Not an animation! I don´t have time with adding animations to the hole car. I want blender to generate damage.

get 2.48 and make the car a soft body.

But I want the car material react as metall not as rubber

Try tweaking the soft body settings but I would (and am) doing shape keys for each major part of the car. Bullet doesn’t yet have the same high-end things you see in star wars the force unleashed.

You have to have an animated texture or animation. Or you can just have a damage variable to add damage whenever you crash, but you wouldn’t see anything then.

That would only really make the texture look damaged though, not bash the car up.

And just as Sim88 said, you can’t do everthing using Blender and the bullet physics engine.