BGE Video Tutorials: making a simple game level

I’m going to post my BGE video tutorials here rather than in the “tutorials” section, as these are exclusively for the BGE.

For now, here’s the first Tutorial:
It shows how to use a texture atlas sheet to texture some basic parts of an interior game level for the Blender game engine.

I will add another later showing how to take these simple parts and combine them in to a working level, using groups and instances.
I will also show how to make game AI and some other useful things, and supply the blends and scripts needed to get them working. Later…

If you have any requests for specific areas you want covered (or revisited in detail) please post. I’m using blender 2.49 for now. I don’t plan on upgrading yet, but I will warn before I do. One of the problems with Fraps is that it doesn’t show the blender menus, so I take care to speak loudly the menu choices I make, as I make them.

this will be helpfull, preventing simple questions like “what’s a texture?” cropping up in the support forums XD
How did you create your texture sheet, baking from multiple textures, or manual arrangement?

I used a combination of found textures and baked procedural textures using a program called mapzone. It takes some getting used to, but with practice it allows texture masking and other tricks which are good for mechanical or architectural textures.

However, beginners can be safe starting off with found textures, as long as they keep the lighting consistent.

I like it. Nice technique.

Is it just for me that the sound is messed up?

You can find the textures I used here.

Free to use for anyone who wants them.
I’ve been feeling a bit of creative block for a few days. Went back to an old project, did a little work on that, then found some inspiration to continue with interiors.
Tomorrow I will be making part two. The sound is a little low. You will have to turn up the sound on your computer to maximum. Sorry, my microphone is not the best~ I may buy a new one tomorrow before starting the second part…

Now i know why i didn´t hear you.:o The voice only comes from the left speaker.

Very well done tutorial smoking mirror, this thread is quite old but your tutorial is very usefull. Thanks!