BGE voice recognition

I’ve asked this before in another part of the forum, but I thought I’d try here. Could there be a way to allow for voice recognition in blender game engine. Windows comes with voice recognition software and there is an addon to that called something like, Windows Voice Recognition Macro which allows you to assign key strokes to a given voice command.

My nephew has trouble pronouncing certain letters and words, so I thought it would help him a lot to make a game that required him to say a word or letter correctly before rewarding him with some silly animation or something. But the problem is that when you start the blender game engine it no longer recognizes macros assigned to windows voice recognition macro thingy. Outside of the bge it works just fine. Like I can assign the keystroke G to the spoken word grab and it works every time while using blender, but not in the bge.

Anyone help me get closer to understanding how to overcome this?

You can use existing python modules for it. For example you can try DragonFly, there are plenty of others too. I’m sure there is even a way to use googles speech recognition, but using a third party lib would be easier.

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like someone beat me to it. Just going to add though, the only way your going to be able to do this is with python.

there is no way to allow a program to be recognized in bge? I’ll look at this dragonfly, but I highly doubt it will rival what windows has built in. I really hate reinventing the wheel. there’s no script for being able to “listen” to log file or something external? I wonder if Unity or UDK can do this. Well let me check out that script and see what it does. thanks guys. If anyone sees this and has any other ideas, please post.

Hey, will this dragonfly thing work in 64bit Blender? It only has a 32bit installer. This might be a stupid question. I don’t know. This looks pretty amazing actually. It says it uses the windows voice libraries, so it might be exactly what I need. I am however expecting that it will not work with newer versions of blender though. I learned on 2.4 so that’s not a deal breaker. I can work on 2.4 just as easily as 2.6x. Thanks this may be a solution.

I am actually also looking into voice recognition. Will dragonfly work in the game engine? Thanks for posting!

the more I look at this the more I know that it is over my head. Even with this installed correctly its still going to be operating independent of blender and without some scripting knowledge I’m not going to be able to make this work. I just don’t have the focus at this moment to teach myself python. My nephew will be in middle school before I learn it. I think a better solution for me would be to use UDK or Unity and just do all my modeling and animation in blender and export to UDK.

@BrentNewton I’m thinking the same thing! :slight_smile: I’m going to try to learn some python, hoping to throw together a simple prototype…maybe I can then convince someone who really super knows what they are doing with python (and BGE) to help…

I think it should be a very simple thing to allow the bge to understand macros put forth by the windows voice macro program. If blender can see them then there should be some kind of log or something in memory of how it does and why can’t that be incorporated into the bge?