BGE War Game called 'The Main Striker'

This is a game I am making. So this game is about war. Your a Russian Soldier you are 26 years old. Its 2014 and its war between Russia(You) vs Bad People That Attack Russia(Enemies). You have to kill the bad people. You are a Spetsnaz Group You will be using an AK-103, an RPG-7, 2 grenades, and a Ballistic Knife. You are just going to be traveling Asia and Afganistan, and you’ll have to be killing bad guys. You are in a secret Spetsnaz group you are going to have missions that are in levels the missions will be like to kill or capture a bad guy. I was watching battlefeild and i am thinking what if i can make a game of like COD or BattleFeild and Basically its an FPS. I already made some models and yeah.
I made a cargo truck and a guy and a AK-103 and an RPG-7.

Who Wants To Join Just Comment and Tell Me What You Can Do

A video of some stuff I’ve made for the game:

Some Pictures
With Normal Map Cargo Truck 1890 verts 2020 faces
That Guy Ondrei Chernov 1121 verts 1159 faces

Is the first picture supposed to be some sort of tank? The textures could be fixed up but other than that it looks pretty good.

yeah the textures need to be fixed.

You need to remake the armature on the army dude… His elbows shouldn’t crease waaay in like that…

It will be easy to fix that

I don’t intend to be mean, but I feel like you could more eloquently communicate your game concept. The way you describe your idea, is kinda flat and generic. Have someone read your post and ask them if they would be excited to join your game project. Try to communicate to people why this game is awesome.

thanks for a good idea the i was watchin battle feild and yeah so do you want to join.

These are some knew models i made

no, I’ve got my own project i’m working on.

is it better on what i updated your hint really helped me

The new weapon models look great and have workable polygon counts too. Your introduction sounds reasonable, I think it would be a good idea to include a paragraph to outline the game play for example a pretty standard FPS description would be: -

“The game will involve progressing from the start point of a level map to the end point, once the end point is reached the game will load in the next level. The player will be challenged to find a route through the industrial setting moving through streets and buildings, defeating hostile computer controlled enemy using their weapons and collecting ammunition and medical packs.”

I am of the opinion that many FPS games have the same game mechanics and what really sells a game is the story, sound and graphics. So to push your idea these have to be very dynamic: -

" Europe panics in the midst of its harshest winter, the Russian pipelines begin to run dry as the sprawling industrial Siberian pumping station of Gardoil Corp is plunged into a darkness that is lit only by flashes of gunfire. Sinister enemies seize it intent on holding the northern hemisphere hostage to a frozen fate You play Ondrei Chernov a battle hardened and war scarred Spetsnaz soldier that has been been dragged back into active service by his former commander, his skills in sabotage and assassination while fighting for the motherland were unmatched and now they must be deployed swiftly, silently and without mercy to slay this unknown force, disarm their booby-traps and save the stations."

thanks for ur tip very helpful do you want to join oh also read the project agian

the guns look good!

thanks its an ak-103

The Blender community tends to be relaxed and full of awesome. We must be so we may please the blender Gods… oh course…

But I’m very glad to see you’ve improved your intro.

what do u mean

i ramble… and just find it funny: the concept of ‘blender gods’

oh kay thansk

Thats a update I already made

A new Update: