BGE Water Improvisation

Ok, so on an earlier post I asked if you could use water particles in the BGE. Turns out (as I’m hearing) we can’t make real time water baking.:frowning:

HOWEVER… I heard and seen some things that improvise water effects. I notices using a modified plane can act as a water surface. There may be some other ways to do this effect.

Now I made an image that shows some concepts many people are familiar with in many games like Hydro Thunder Hurricane.:ba:

There are 4 things I want the water to do which are referenced in the image. (FYI the purple dots show the original water level while the red dots show the new water level after the rocks drop into the water.

1- the water reacts to everything, rock collision, boat hulls splitting the water, you name it.:spin:

2- objects like humans, rocks, stuff that sinks are programed to sink through the water mesh.

3- like boats, there will be some objects that will float above the water, is there a way to do this as well as to have part of the boat hull below the water.

4- I need to know how to do spray particles, like in real life, when something hits the water you see water droplets and spray.(similar to foam particles) how do I do this.

When it comes to water, some gamers want the game as real as possible, doing this kind of thing would make a game a lot cooler.:RocknRoll:

Please send many ideas on how to accomplish this, if there are many steps send a tutorial. I may have messed with blender for a year, but I’ve made some good animations and other things.:yes:


You’ve got the idea right; everything’s pretty simple, except for the ‘water reacts to everything’ part. To do that (I’m assuming to make ripples when objects collide with / push through the water) would be… well, slow. The rest is pretty simple; you can just add an upward force equal to gravity on objects that should float on the water, and you can create spray particles using planes or spheres (simplified, of course) that come from the water.