BGE Weekday Challenge #0001 (CLOSED) open to discussion

Welcome to the first Blender Game Engine Weekday Challenge!

The goal is to create small simple and fun games using Blender’s Game Engine.

The Rules:

  • The game most be a .blend so everyone can play it.
  • State which Blender version you used (you may use any.)
  • You may use previous resource (scripts, models, ect.) that were made by you.
  • You may use textures as long as you’re not violating someone’s copyright.
  • You may ask for help on the forums if you are stuck somewhere in development.
  • New Please add a screen-shot with your final submission. (not mandatory)

Please consider releasing your entry under an open source license such as Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licenc, otherwise each participant’s entry may not be redistributed or modified without their permission.

Deadline: Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 06:00 GMT
Lookup GMT time here.
Future challenges may be shorter.

Theme: Breakout!
example1, example2, example3 (3D), example4
You can copy a classic style or think outside the box and come up with something new.

A voting thread will appear after the challenge, and the winner will decide the next theme.

nice concept, however it may take a bit longer than a week…


well here’s my game (took about two hours of work-time (most of which i spent playing :P)) here’s the link ~5.7mb


to clone breakout!? you’d get it done in an afternoon or two!

Although I am not an experienced programmer (and you’ll see proof of that in just a second) I would absolutely love to participate in this. BUT… I’m experiencing the same problem as I did with Pong… How do I make sure the ball always gets to the top and has the correct reactions to being hit by the platform?


Without using python, you can make objects bounce of each other by increasing the restitution of the materials.

This may be less accurate than using python, and you may have to play with the damping and restitution a little.

Another tip is to clamp the velocity to keep objects from moving too fast.

You can also use the location constraint actuator to keep ball from going out of bounds.

Here’s a simple breakout template I made that may help:)


breakout template.blend (392 KB)

i didn’t mean breakout, that would be pretty easy, i meant to make a game.

sure, breakout is an easy theme, but what about other themes?

also, just a quick question, are we allowed to use python?

I’d say the idea is to keep it simple for most games. You can also get some crazy-awesome results from cutting corners to speed up dev time. Voice acting all the sound effects, using sprites made from drawing in a copybook and creating worlds by only painting polygons solid colours are examples that come to mind.

You can use Python, it says you can re-use scripts so you can use scripts =D there doesn’t seem to be any limitation on how you do things as long as you make it yourself and stick to the time limit.

Yes, the idea was to keep the games short and simple so as not to interfere too much with this competition that ends in February.

We can let the winner decide the next game idea or we could vote from a list.
I was originally thinking classic or retro remakes, but it could be something new as long as it’s pretty simple. (the simpler the better):slight_smile:

just added my entry to my first post :slight_smile: still a few bugs regarding the bouncing, but i don’t really have much time nowadays :frowning:

Your file does not work:(

Hay! that’s cool jezzabetz!

But you might want to go into camera mode and re-save it because the auto play isn’t working.

Just to be clear - are we allowed to make our own textures?

Yes, you can use texture you’ve made yourself, and textures made by others if they released them “free to use”.


Here’s my entry. I may or may not add some things before the deadline, but this version is fully functional.

The key commands are the left and right arrow keys and the spacebar.

If I were going to work more on this there would be additional levels but for now there’s just one. I haven’t beat it yet, though. :smiley:

Any more updates before the 12th will be in this post.

EDIT: This is made with Blender 2.49b BTW

EDIT #2: Update, with screenshot!

Here is the link to the updated file:

I added a few animations and stuff like that, but most of the work went into gameplay. Now there are 5 levels you can play through. The game also keeps score in each level now. There are also three additional “targets” (if that’s what they’re called) which make your paddle bigger, fire bullets, and add another ball, besides giving the normal points for hitting a target. Have fun! :smiley:

EDIT #3: Fixed a bug that occurred when two bricks were hit at the same time


Shouldn’t you extend it a bit so, you know, people can add multiple levels and a bunch of cool stuff to their game and wrap it with a menu and end screen?

Also, you should require a screenshot too, some will not download anything if none of these games have a screen of gameplay.

I agree with you on screen shots but feel that an extension would be against every idea behind this whole challenge. It’s breakout. You can make the levels in a minute or two once you’ve got the engine down as long as you don’t want to add more effects. The menu system would be a bit slower but not much.

This is a challenge, the first week long challenge. There are going to be teething issues for sure but it’s if the idea is getting the game done in a week and extending it to two weeks removes what was unique about this concept.

I’m planning an entry that will have multiple levels, a menu system and possibly a high-score board if I decide to try a bit of amateur python coding. I’m still only going to work on it for a day or two at most.

Yes, Rorkimaru said it better than I could,

I updated the rules with a screenshot request, but of course it won’t disqalify anyone who doesn’t.

@Volume, that’s sweet! good job so far!

Sound great! Good luck!

I’m working on an entry myself, I hope no one minds.

Also, If someone wants to control the paddle with the mouse, I made an example using an ipo and a modified mouselook script.


move object with mouse.blend (134 KB)

Personally I don’t mind, I actually expected it. This is a challenge, not a contest. I view it as a shared learning experience.

if there is any “winner” it should probably be determined by a poll vote? simple things like this make for fast fun learning. Things like sharing your mouse script is an example of the tone I would love for this venture to adopt. Best of luck finishing your entry =D

*** Updated my previous post with picture and new file! ***

@Volume, that’s really cool, good job!

Here’s my entry - Blender2.49b 5.4 MB
(press P to play)

Edit: due to the fact that there aren’t many entries does anyone want a little more time? like over the weekend?
Or are we done here?