BGE Weekday Challenge #0002 VOTING CLOSED

Welcome to the second Blender Game Weekday Challenge Voting Thread!

The goal was to make gameplay like the classic Pacman game with a winter/Christmas theme.
Entries thread is here
If you have any suggestions for future challenges please replay to this [link] or PM me.

The entries:

pacman.blend (5.29 MB)

BGECC_04_KVR.blend (968.9 KB)

Just wondering how long the voting will be open for?

Hi Mcguinnessdr, The voting will end this Sunday the 10th, although I should have made it end sooner but that’s ok.

The next challenge will begin Monday the 11.

From now on the challenge will be every other week, with voting in-between (or every third week depending on the number of participants.)

Tied up at the moment, What happens if it’s a tie?

Wohoo! a tie!

Both entries were very good.
However, In the event of a tie the person who first submitted his entry (with the earliest edited time) is the official winner.


Congratulations Mcguinnessdr! winner of the second BGE Weekday Challenge!

Feel free to bump this thread
or send me a PM with any ideas or suggestions.

Thanks for participating.