Bge wheel positioning/pink centre control

I’m wondering how I would change the position of where the wheel would appear on my car when p is pressed, without corrupting the centre of rotation,
you see when I change the position in objcet mode and press p it doesn’t chamnge it stays as it were before but if changed in edit mode it does change but the centre of rotation is where it started but the wheel is where I moved it,how would I control the pink centre to have effect as soon as p is pressed.

how have you attached the wheel to the car?
have you parented it or have you tried the scripting way?

It’s been done through scripting, replacement and u know that sort of path taken.

eagle strike please help out.
I still haven’t figured it out

I’m having the same problem with my aircraft :frowning: I cant get the front wheels to be closer to each other than the rear ones…

Yeah, Im trying to move my wheels closer aswell to match a different car designs wheel arc position but the same wheels have to stay,it’s got all the logics and so on.
While Im here why do the buildings IN my game engine become transparent or glitchy as soon as p is pressed, though the alpha isn’t or however transparency is used in bge.

If you’re attaching the wheels to your vehicle using the vehicle wrapper (tutorial here), just change the “tirePos” values in the “” file.

Thanks Jo9 this it’s just what I need.
James to cut it short for u the best way is to check the scrpts in the tutorial, all u need to do is change the position values given 4 the “tire” position and these can be the x,y or z axis.
Of course the script will have to be changed about a bit more than that such as the name of the object which this script is being assigned to and things like the sensor names and so on,