BGE without Logic Editor, directly in Python

Hallo together,

i am really new to Blender and the bge.
In the last weeks I worked with Pythonscripting.
I wondered that it is so easy to get very overwhelming results with this conbination of Blender and Python.
The only thing which disturbs me is that everything has to be rendered. So i tried the BGE, and now i have some questions.

Is there a way to use the bge without the logic structure?
import bge like:

import bpy,bge

to manipulate objects, vertices, faces and so on?
I like to have the possibility to act in a free python context to import other libs for midi,
fft and other stuff, but everything based on my blender szene. More like you have it in Openframeworks,
Processing or so but with the simplicity of the bpy/blender style classes.
I searched around and found gamekit, which can import the whole blender szene,
maybe this is more what i am searching for? Is someone working with this?
Maybe you have other recommendations, regarding engines, libs and so on.
I hope it got clear what i am searching for?

The answer is simply: No

The python controllers are part of the SCA (sensor-controller-atuator) concept of the BGE. They act as controllers but can perform actuator tasks as well (which looks a bit like a break in the concept).
Beside that the full power of Python is supported including calls to pygame, sockets, thread etc…
Since 2.5 you can load additional data into a running game (look for dynamic loading).

ok i understand,

so do you have any suggestions for game engines which support loading blend files?


WHY would you want to make things harder on yourself by not using logic bricks? makes no sense.

I am with mega on this one - you can just use a Python Controller logic brick to run a script - how would you do this without using logic bricks?

hey guys,

logic bricks are nice. its a nice way to controll the game logic.
may be i am a bit strange regarding this thing, but i like it the hard way.
i like it to have a setup, update, draw function and so on instead of the bricks. i feel more free and i am more flexible. the other thing is that i dont want to program a game, i want to use the game engine for music visualisation and other stuff.

ALRIGHT…But still, the lgic bricks are about 100 times easier than python, especialy if you dont know the scripting language. I’d say, if you want to make games mainly using script, DONT use Blender. I’d suggest a program like Unity3D. more powerful, more scripting. O.O