I really like blender and every aspect of it, one time a wanted to make a game with it but as a read threads and bad mouthing of BGE I trashed my idea of making a game with it. As I was looking for something interesting today I stumbled upon OUYA dev here in this page, as I read the replies given I somehow thought of something and that is making a game. So I said making a game right, what is the difference before and now that is an open source game. There are some open source movie that was made with blender so how about an open source game that will somehow rival AAA games.

Here is my idea, blender is improving because of this open source movies right, developers makes something for the makers of the movie to improve the movie. So making a open source game some developers may take interest in the game and somehow will help with new tools or improvement to BGE.

That was the idea of yoFrankie and worked out pretty well.