bgeviniciusilva - MS Paint doodles (lol)

Hey, hmm, yea, you know when you are in a laptop, no softwares, no mouse, no stylus… yea, I found myself in this kind of situation a lot of times this last year

I had reference images for like half of these, but for example, I never use refs when drawing faces, because the fun of it is dealing with the random shape it gets.
But I can’t draw a bridge withoult refs, I just can’t picture them im my mind with enough details, I actually can but… it ends up being an horrible and simple bridge /:

For the basketball thing I actually didn’t use refs, once its just an empty place and some trees, and btw, some of these are not finished, not that I want to finish them…

Ps: Sorry for the maybe-bad english, not my native language

just tried that “reference locally” thing with the first pic just to see what happens
EDIT: (1 minute later)
Yep, saw it, now I can have a miniature pic in the traditional page


Ugh, I admire your patience. I played around with pixel art a couple of years ago, but it was just too time consuming for me. Good stuff! Especially like the cars and the bridge one, good mood.

I’ve never seen MS paint used to this level of skill. amazing. Have you tried makinga 2D sidescroller with these?

Oh, thanks guys
BrilliantApe, thanks, but I wouldnt say Pixel art tho, it’s more like… kind-of-low-pixel-count art, lol, I mean, I don’t like the idea of having to follow an art style, you know?
It kinda takes away your freedom when doing something, I think the only one that I really paid attention to each pixel was that yellowish-green tree

Scalia, thanks, and no I hadn’t . _ . I do love a good amount of 2d games (like megaman 1,2…6, super ghouls n ghosts and so on), but it feels like it doesn’t fit this era anymore, people nowadays just wanna blow 3d stuff up

But maybe I just don’t know the target audience

BTW, here’s something I’m doing today:

here’s a doge i’m doing today, and yea MsPaint

I for one still love 2D sidescrollers, and would play anything with art this good. Very nice.

Thanks man
These days I decided to drew some random stuff, a mountain (I can see from my window), and quelaag, half spider half woman boss, from dark souls

Cool stuff here bgeviniciusilva! I love the way you are using MSPaint :). I especially like the dark house on stilts painting - nice work.

Thanks Artloader ^^


Nice work mate! You’ve done well to achieve this quality at such a small scale!

great work for pixel