BGL modul in GameEngine

Hi can i use BGL modul functions in Game Engine
for example glAccum() for the motion blure effect or
someone have an .blend example file?

You can (from Blender, not Blenderplayer) but be aware that the game loop goes like this:

  1. Logic update. Your Python script will be called here.
  2. Render update, including clearing the screen.

So if you try and draw anything, it probably won’t work. If you do things like change the render state (eg alpha test) it may be overwritten.

In tuhopuu2, you can use Python to hook the material render setup, but it’s still quite primitive, and you’ll have a lot of work to do! (I’d appreciate some feedback with what needs to be added to this to make it useful.)

:-? I’m dumb… I CAN’T UNDERSTAND A WORD OF WHAT YOU SAID!!! (typed, hehe) What glAccum? What tuhopuu material-thingy-stuff? What what?

skyshark! learn python :wink: