BGLauncher 1.0

Hi everybody!

What a surprise: I’ve written a new little tool for the GameBlender developers! :slight_smile:

Basically it’s a program for starting Blender games using the runtimes.
But I’m too lazy to write a whole description now, so I’ve just copied the text from the readme file :wink:


Main window:

“Advanced” dialog:


  • Easy access to all current stand-alone player command line arguments
  • Play Publisher .blend and .exe files using customized settings
  • Take in-game screenshots using a global hotkey (default: F5)
  • Customizable number of screenshots taken on one command (default: 1)
  • Customizable delay before taking screenshot (default: 0, no delay)
  • Save screenshots in Bitmap and JPEG format (default: Bitmap)
  • Adjustable JPEG compression (default: lowest compression)
  • Explorer context menu for .blend and .exe files
  • Drag&Drop support


You can either copy/install the program to the directory where the
runtime files “BlenderPlayer.exe” or “BlenderDynPlayer.exe” are located
in or you specify the path to these files when the BGLauncher prompts you.


  • Bitmap screenshots are larger in filesize but don’t need so much RAM
    like JPEG screenshots (so it’s recommendable to use the Bitmap format
    if you don’t have a fast computer).
  • You can only play .blend files compressed and saved with Blender
    Publisher 2.25 or a higher.
  • When you are playing a game the BGLauncher waits until the game is
    finished, so don’t panic if the application doesn’t seem to react
  • Right-click the titlebar of the BGLauncher and select “About…” to
    show the about dialog of the program.


I hope it comes handy to you! :wink:
Have fun!


nice one S_W! :smiley:

i’m sure i’ll find plenty of uses for this, thanks, any extra tool to play with is a good thing :wink:



Hey this is great!

I don’t have to mess with silly batch files any more:)

Great, thanks dude, now my friends who don’t have blender, can now play some of my demo games, and I can even show it to my classroom at school without installing blender. :smiley:

Awsome! Great work S_W.

Another excellent blender tool provided by the one and only S_W!


I should Have a:
“Start>>Programs>>Blender>>S_W Tools”
… already with all these funky tools!

But don’t forget to distribute these files as well:

  • BlenderPlayer.exe
  • BlenderDynPlayer.exe
  • python20.dll
  • fmod.dll

If you don’t you’ll get this nice error message:

…perhaps I’ll include the files in the program file in the next release, but I have to check the copyrights first…
well, just wait and see :wink:

That you all for your comments!
Really a joy to make tools for this community! :smiley:

I have not downloaded the app yet. But, I know its a great one. Thanks alot for the help that you provide. You do excellent work :slight_smile:

grrr you beat me to it SW :< :wink:
I was working on a similar program. Think i can get the source code?

Sorry… %|
…of course you can get the source code (Delphi 6), we’re still living in an open source community, aren’t we? :wink:
Just tell me the email address and I’ll send you the .zip file.
Perhaps I’ll also upload the source code if more people are requesting for it…

Thank you all again for your comments!
(And it would be nice if you could report any kind of bug or strange behaviour to me… :wink: )