BGMC 10 | Dark City

For the challenge I will be making a side scrolling platform game based on the movie Dark City. You will play as the lead character (John Murdoch). The gameplay will mostly consist of the player trying to jump buildings the are morphing into different structures, and fighting the bad guys (Strangers) with your telekinetic power by throwing things in the environment with your mind.

The project as I envision it now, may be a little too ambitious for the seven day time frame. So if I don’t finish it in time for the deadline I will still continue to work on this project and try to polish the game as much as possible. When I do eventually finish I will then make the .blend available to everyone. :yes:

If anyone would like to help me with the effects for the telekinetic blast wave that comes from John’s forehead(the tuning), I would put your name in the credits part of the main menu right next to mine. The tuning looks similar to ripples in a pool of water going in one direction. I lack the python skills to be able to program some kind of fake refraction effect, so if left up to me I’d probably just use an animated texture.

And of course any feedback is greatly appreciated.:eyebrowlift:

Stranger Danger!

Looking forward to this game,sounds interesting.

Glad your interested, hopefully I can capture the weirdness of how the buildings morphed in the movie for the challenge, after that I really want see how far I can go with the graphics and gameplay for this project.

Modeled a bunch of props for the rooftops.

Here they are a little clearer rendered with ambient occlusion.

I’ve also made a pretty convincing steam simulation for the pipes on the roof. Hopefully I will be able to upload a video of the game in action either tomorrow or the next day.

Things that I still have to do are:

-Model different kinds of buildings.
-Add shape key animations and dynamics to the buildings that morph.
-Model main characters (John Murdoch and a generic stranger).
-Animate main characters.
-Create tuning effect (telekinetic wave).
-Create health logic.
-Apply textures to models.
-Create a menu system.
-Write alternate story line (this will be done after the BGMC is over).
-Consume 28 gallons of caffeinated beverages.

wow, that looks fantastic :D. As a fan of the movie, I think this game will be cool :D. Good luck!

-Consume 28 gallons of caffeinated beverages.

Ha ha, lol :smiley:

Hey, Thanks for the kind words. Yeah man love this movie to. When I first saw it on tv I thought they totally ripped off the Matrix. When I found out it was actually made a year before the Matrix I was pissed off at the Matrix, lol. Most likely it was just bad timing that they came out so close together like that, but it’s also very weird.

I was shocked that no fans have ever made a video game from the movie (at least I haven’t seen any in the searches I’ve done), you would think there’d be something, even if it were just a flash game. I’m also finding it hard to get high quality reference picture from google search, which is making it very difficult to model anything in a precise way. I don’t actually own the movie:(

I guess this movie wasn’t as popular as I thought.

Okay, so I’ve done some testing of buildings morphing, and have decided it would be too hard to implement them in my game.:frowning: Turns out shape keys do no make new physical boundaries when they animate, ie, if a building has a pyramid shape, and it changes to a cube shape the building will still have the physical boundaries of the pyramid. So it does not make sense to continue with that route.

However buildings will be twisting/rotating, moving in different directions, and dropping out from under the player. Hopefully I can still achieve the look of quickly changing dynamic buildings.

Also… I couldn’t upload a video because my internet got the flu.

More screenshots:

This is a couple of Strangers gathered together.

To make the Strangers I basically Cut off the head of a makehuman model, altered the texture of the face a bit, and stuck it on a body I modeled. I know for the competition it’s frowned upon to not make your own models, but I’m not very good at faces, and wanted to get something done quick and have it look presentable.

Here are the Strangers close up.

The building twisted in this screenshot rotates and the player has to make sure he jumps at the right time. if you don’t jump correctly then you will here a big squishing sound.:evilgrin: You can also see the steam effect I made, and some crudely textured rooftop props.

Looks impressive so far. Doubly so given how much time you have had to work on this.

Alright everybody Here it is:

Unfortunately I didn’t make use of my Stranger Character. There was just so much I could do, and I decided to put all my focus on how the player interacts with the buildings. It’s a very hard game to beat even without bad guys trying to cut you with a dagger, so you might waste about an hour of your life trying to beat it. Enjoy!!

If the Game runs too slow (you probably need a new computer) just play it in wireframe mode, it’s just as fun.

The game has a very absorbing atmosphere the content fits together very well. Unfortunatly I constantly miss the second obstacle. Which means I haven’t seen so much by now…

The game has a very absorbing atmosphere the content fits together very well. Unfortunatly I constantly miss the second obstacle.

I second that

What do you guys mean by second obstacle? Do you mean the second chimney stack, or the second set of chimney stacks (plural)? I know the controls are too sensitive, but with practice I made it through all obstacles. If you want too give up I would suggest just going to Scene.001 and starting from there. There’s different obstacles in that scene.

Thanks for trying out my game!

I mean the chimneys. I jump to the moving roof, run over it and jump … into the air hoping to hit one chimney (which is unfortunately not visible at that time). Maybe I jump to early.
Remark: I do not think it is the game. I’m pretty bad with such type of games :no:. It should be challenging which is part of the game flow :D. Something this game has :yes:

I get stuck after those chimneys. But don’t worry overall the game is good, consistent, flows naturally.

Cool art style, I like the character, but I also found the game pretty challenging, I got to the 3rd set of chimneys, that was my best. Good luck. :slight_smile:

The game has a great atmosphere, the contrast of the warm yellow windows works really good with the dark gray of the buildings.

Running and jumping was hard, it should have been a fluid motion.

I really enjoyed the unexpected traps, just wished there was a lower floor so that one mistake didn’t mean death.

@Monster - Yes I made the chimney out of view deliberately so it would be more challenging. Thanks for the feedback.:smiley:

@Josip - Thank you.

@RossBlenderArt - Thanks, yeah the character is pretty interesting. It’s supposed to be John Murdoch from the movie, but the more I look at the game as a whole, the more I can’t help but think that I might have been inadvertently channeling one of Michael Richards’s nightmares where he runs roof to roof trying to escape from the NAACP bellow.

@ScoutingNinja - Yes, I don’t really know why it’s hard to run an jump. I think it might have something to do with the Character physics type. Are you talking about pressing the spacebar and the character not jumping, or is it something else?

A lower floor would make a lot of sense. I plan on making a more playable version of this game sometime in the future, so your feedback is very helpful, thank you.:slight_smile:

When running and jumping there is a moment where the character slows down before moving up, I think it is because the force of running isn’t added to the force of the jump.

@ScoutingNinja- Okay, so you mean that the jump does not carry the momentum from the run, and you have to keep on pushing forward to get to a platform? If that’s the case I don’t really know a way to do it another way with logic bricks. I think I’ll have to learn more python If I want that kind of control. I’m actually embarrassed after playing peoples games, because I’m the only one that didn’t write anything out in python.:o

nice ,game , but it is realy hard. those chimnies are anoying, dont know if there gona fall or not , just have to keep replaying. I need to check out the film now.