BGMC 10 | DuckHunting

Got no electric power due the bad weather yesterday and today till now… :frowning:
Besides I have no idea how to improve this idea for the game.
Read about game here.

Heres my best score…

Play it, hate it, enjoy it, throw it…
Peace out!
vAonom (2.54 MB)

It is quite a cool idea and fun to play. Nice sounds btw.

It just took me a while to find out that I’m supposed to click on the “Pull”

It’s a fun game, just over too quickly.

Agreed, you should make this a full-on game like duck hunt! and maybe make the background 3D? just a thought. :o

Thanks to all…
And i got a hint for 3D scene before. Since I wanted a graphic from a movie I could make it 3D by pulling objects in and out(like first 3D movies, i think spy kids were made like that) and then add some mist so it have some depth.
Its not hard to make full 3D models either :slight_smile: (I just wanted recreate exact scene from movie)

About making it longer for play…
Im not sure about that its kinda difficult.
Maybe make some bonuses when u hit the actor he spawns something else, and when u hit that another thing jumps in(donkey or pig from movie(i think his name was Bob)) and then fun continues.

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It’s fun! It even worked on my android tablet using last year buggy apk… LOL

Oh me and my game creations… Maybe I should enter BGMC 11… I saw it yesterday and had Dung beetle on my mind. Great idea right?