BGMC 10 Insectors

Hi all, desided to go for the 3d animated tv show Insectors over the film legend as i couldnt find a style i lied and got anoyed at tom cruses hair when trying to model, and it would be a huge game so went for the simpler option.

Insectors is about some bug people who are rebles and a bit hippyish , spreading the good flowers and happyness in a dark world. Great show from my childhood and one of the first 3d things i remember.

Heres what i have after the first night .

Im going for a half way between ps1 and ps2 style.
Still dono what style of game , mabie a race, or fight / shoot, panzer dragoon style?


This should be all the files. hope it works made in 2.66a

Windows exe>…it?usp=sharing

They look cool! Might want to turn down specularity or give them spec color maps.

You are fast !
They look great.

having problems with a getting an object to move by the mouse with python.
tried following this but didint do anything

im running blender 2.66
and python scripts in other files work .

heres a quick screenshot of what iv got , need to get the aimer to move with the mouse .

Any sugestions , has python changed the way it does stuff with blender since this video ?

I just did a quick test of the script and it seems to work in 2.67b.
Is the console printing something ?

Dont think its printing anything :frowning:

is this the consol i shoudl be looking at ?

You should be looking at the one you use for game debugging, Window -> Toggle System Console. It prints out “Blender Game Engine Started” and “Blender Game Engine Finished” lines when you play the game plus any errors or stuff you wanted to “print” in between.

The console where bge prints errors is not that one.
In the info header, it’s window > toggle system console.
It can also print things defined in scripts. ex : print(“Hello World”)

Thanks both of you for the quick responce :), i didint know where that had gone.
good to know , and i got the mous thing working i must have miss typed.
Still getting used to the new 2.6 bge , some stuff works good, wish the armature stuff was exactly the same though.

Thanks again

think i just figured out the problems i was having with the armatures. You need to apply mirror modifyers before the animation will play . Woo, can actualy make things animate :smiley:

I dono why , but iv been demotivated in this project , but still got something to show and iv learned how to use he bge in 2.6 :smiley:
heres the windows build so far.

What you think ?

hmmm you have some bugs in your game^^ sry. Looks nize

Pretty “straight forward”. :smiley:

Good quality textures, music & audio, models and animations. Aiming was hard for me although I would probably have gotten used to it eventually. Could make things more interesting with special attacks or powerups and turning paths and varying environment.

Nice entry already :slight_smile:

hi thanks, ye power ups could be good , didnt even think of that. and i did try paths that turn and stuff but that made the aiming even more difficult . I realy shoudl make more enemies , been watching the show again to get some ideas. Was thinking of a couple on foot sections and boss fights. Il do a couple test 2moz and see how it goes.

Wow, this game looks fun !
Can’t wait to play it.

ok i added a boss and some explosions and some more sound.

Heres the updated game :

Sorry if u die on the boss u need to play the first level again.
Hope you guys like it.

I found the aiming a bit hard and died a lot, but it has nice graphics for a week long 3D game, good luck. :slight_smile:

A very good game. All the content is consistent and makes me feel beeing part of the cartoon. Very well done!

This game is awesome.
I had more fun playing this game then half of “finished” Blender games. Not to say that its not finished, a level and a boss is more than we could expect (of a 7 day game). Good job

Thanks guys , it means a lot. I might add a few more levels in the future but gona lit it lay for a little. I bought the insektors anual off ebay from 1997 so have a some better refrence for different themed levels. Could easly have 3 or 4 different levels with there own boss fights. :smiley: