Bgmc 10 | WALL-E

It is done!

The last one cleans up Earth!

You can download the complete project from GGG’s side project WALL-E.
Alternative you can find a working copy as zip attached.
Josip placed it at the BGMC page too.

Install Blender.
Download and unpack the archive (preserve the folder structure).

A) From game folder run the blenderplayer with WALL-E.blend as argument.
B) start Blender - open WALL-E - switch to textured mode - in 3d window press <P>

The game was developed and tested on Win8 (64). It runs from Blender 2.68 as well as with the blenderplayer (as argument).
There is just one level. For time beeing some things are just dirty hacks ;).

Be aware the physics might produce some unexpected results (like make Wall-E fly [away]).

You are playing around with your new experimental device that should communicate with (at this time) undiscoverred physical effects. Suddenly your device connects to another gadget…

It turns out it is a WALL-E unit … from future? … from a parallel universe?
After trying several combinations you can communicate via a service channel and send commands to its processing unit. This was surprizingly easy. It seams WALL-E’s AI is out of order. But you can remote command WALL-E’s subprocessor parts. It might be a good idea to reach a place with a better transmission channel … Just do not loose the signal…


LMB camera
S left chain
D right chain
G grab and release compressed blocks
Space collect and compress trash

Avoid liquids. They will damage Wall-E.
Try to reach the next transmission point over the trench.


  • Sdfgeoff
  • Monster

Gameplay, Story, Models, GUI

  • Monster


  • No Sounds :frowning:


  • Geoff - without your inspiring textures the game would be still black and white
  • to all developers of Blender and the BGE
  • to this active community with the incredible much of collected knowledge
  • Josip for keeping the contest alive
  • moerdn for adding groupObject - it was very useful.

Have fun

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Re-uploaded to dropbox and posted on

I tried the game for a few minutes, its really good.

Cool, aside from 1 bug it worked fine (Wall-E got stuck). Good luck!

Awesome looking game!
I think I cheated, I made my way around of liquids XD

This game feels professional, I almost expected a screen telling me I reached the end of the demo and would have to pay for the rest.
The only thing that bothers me is that you didn’t tile the ground texture, just wondering why?

Fun experience. I liked the controls the best. I felt connected to the character.

I love the sub-objective to “avoid liquids” that had me laughing for a bit. Just good little game.