BGMC 11 | Barnie Kangaroo

Hi all, I present my proposal for the BGMC 11

Barnie Kangaroo

Towerdefence / Survival

You have to play with a kangaroo that must protect his home from the invaders using his innate skills for combat.

Barnie, the kangaroo, will gain points after finishing the differents waves of enemies, and then you can exchange it for improvements such as walls, bombs, more powerful attacks, etc.

The main objective of the game is to survive as many waves as you can without Barnie die, or their burrow is destroyed.

Greetings and good luck to all!

kl, iv got space invaders with kangaroos and bombs in my head so far, might have got the wrong idea about it though, still cant wait for mockups/ screenshots.

This is a Concept Art of the main character of the game, now im modeling it and I will be post it here soon.

This is the model of Barnie, the main character of the game. I decided to make it more cartoon, because i dont like much the serious appearance of the concept art.

Now, i have to make the rigging and basics animations, create some enemies and start programming the gameplay.

This is the 3D model of the dingo, one of the game enemies.

Today i have to model another enemy, the Tasmanian Devil, and i have to make an “australian” environment too.

This is where the action will happen in the game. Each corner corresponds to an enemy spawn, and the player will have to defend the burrow which is in the center of the map.

This is the 3D model of the Tasmanian Devil, other of the game enemies

Nice models! I doubt I could do that good (I am a mediocre modeler), so keep it up!

I have made some changes in the models and rigged it, so now i have to import them into the game
The next two days, i have to set up the last things in the gameplay and make some 2D graphics like the Main Menu and the HUD
I have to create the FX sounds too, and search for a good open/shared music for the game

Here are the models’s changes:

This is a screenshot of the Main Menu :slight_smile:


lovely characters!
Keep blending!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to finish the game, but I’ll finish it anyway :frowning:

This is a screenshot of the current status of the game:

Good luck to all!