BGMC 11 - Cwricket

This is thread is track progress of my 1st attempt to create a game for BGMC11 using the BGE. The overall goal is to create either a FPS or OVERHEAD view (still 3D) to jump from moving platform to moving platform with obsticals including birds, wind, "bad’ platforms. The goal is to land in the “Sweet spot”/target for each platform in the hopes to get reach a certain score in a certain time. This attached sketches are rough drafts of what I will be attempting to create. This is a 1 person opeation who maybe has 2 hours a night to actually work on stuff.


an image of the proposed gui

sounds fun, what art style u going for ?

Well realtime water can be sexy, so I am going to 3D objects/textures… nothing too fancy as the goal is completion instead of getting lost on bump maps, realism and everything else.

If I had all the time, I would add all the sexy things I could. Reflections, bump maps, fog/smoke/clouds, particles etc.

Well I really didn’t have the time and I am REALLY new to the whole scripting / engine cycle thing but if anyone wants good ish python for the following you can download my .blend file.

In you’ll find the following:

  • a “jump bar” coding object
  • resetting the player / camera axis to be “straight”
  • a “holding the shift key for tighter/more accurate rotation” area
  • setting up the initial object
  • using a basic “jump” algorythm without the 3D math (hint look at the Translation property)
  • determining if an object is on the ground or not

I unfortunately got lost in trying to learn how to do too many things (texturing) when what I really care about is the scripting/coding. Nothing like knowing you can crunch out an algorythm and give the answer back as a variable to a called def.

I have ZERO art and ZERO color in the this, it’s just a good starting stuff for anyone else interested.


logic_r001.blend (618 KB)

The objective is simple. WASD + spacebar controls(hold SHIFT to rotate slowly before jumping). Vertical tilt should only work when NOT on the ground. (aka it should work when you are “jumping” so you can look around)

At this point my goal is to share my coding / python logic. I will make updates daily or every other day.

Today’s completed logic:

  • Created a “death_zone”. If player hit’s it, it restarts the level
  • Created a def to clear the jumpbar
  • Created restart logic to place player at spawn location

Non python / logic:

  • Changed colors to make things a bit easier to see. No textures yet.
  • Move camera angle and platform heights

HINT: you can skip a jump pad if you get 98 to 100 on the first bar

BUGS: (1) there is a verticle bug after respawning. you can still rotated vertically which means that the “onground” trigger isn’t working. (2) sometimes after respawning the first jump has no arch, it’s just a straight shot without the arch.


logic_r002.blend (656 KB)