BGMC 11 | Ents - Forest defence

Title: Ents - Forest defence
Genre: RTS / Towerdefence

You are the last of the old ents, protectors of darkwood forest.
Your forest is in danger. Defend the tree of life from hordes of invading creatures by planting treants to attack the invaders.

Sorry I’m out.
The project was too big for such a short period of time. :frowning:

This is a game I’d probably spend too much time on, if it was a iOS/ANDROiD game =)

Can’t wait for some screenshots. Good luck !


Progress so far:

  • Movement script + planting functionality (the latter needs further work)
  • Modeling + texturing + animation (idle/walk) of my Ent (walkanimation is a bit rough though)

Here is a little screeny of the main character:

Maybe I’ll stick some branches with leaves to the head if I find the time.

Looking Good, good luck

This looks great already, keep it up.

Haven’t had much time the last two days.
The logic for my enemies, treants and ent is nearly finished.
I hope I can move to the modeling phase soon so I can show you a few new screenshots.
Until now there are just some boring coloured boxes, but at least they are moving. ^^