BGMC 11 | Fall


This is a parkour-ish game where you hop on leaves and save acorns. Get to the bottom to win!


Blend: -launch from the menu scene

Skybox texture doesn’t work, and I can’t move anywhere.

Looks awesome! unfortunately I had the exact same problem as Joystik.

Bug Fix:
Sorry, didn’t pack the

Not working man :frowning:
I can’t move or look around and the textures are lagging also!

Bug Fix:
Download fixed?
let me know if this works!

It works now. But the game is too difficult for me :o

glad to hear it works, and it’s not supposed to be easy.
(I promise it’s beatable, though it takes me a few tries to get to the end.)


Thanks! I was going to add a point system to count how many acorns you knock to the ground, but I ran out of time.