BGMC 11 | Fight against forest destructors

Almost all textures come from, so you can’t use them without viewing their license first at their site.

Edit: I quickly remade the trees, if you have a good computer you might try the other version.
Optimized version, final version
(File > download)

Previous version(you need a good computer for it)
(File > download)

I used blender 2.67b.

You play as an ent. One day, some humans arrive at your beloved forest and start cutting trees with robots and stuff. The goal is to smash them and destruct the tower they built.

Main Menu:

Level 1:

Sounds used from :
“A Tree Falling Down.wav” from ecfike
“Explosion 1.wav” from Deganoth
“Foorsteps_Grass.wav” from kMoon

Music :

Edvard Grieg

Peer Gynt suite n°1 op. 46
La mort d’ase
La danse d’anitra
Dans le hall du roi de montagne

Un français?
Sympa ta modélisation :wink:
Bon courage pour la compéte!

Sounding and looking good. nice job on the alpha for the leaves.

I like the style, the texture and the colors, its a good combination.

Wow, your ent already looks really nice, I’m amazed at how quickly people are able to shape their models.

Any more updates on the progress?

Thanks everybody !

Here is an enemy robot that will cut trees:

I have also done the main character controls and animations.

I have no idea what an ent is. Then again, I don’t play games other than Super Smash Brothers Brawl. And even then when I’m not Blendering. Also (random question), does anyone know why ‘Blendering’ is not in this website’s dictionary?

An ent is from Lord Of The Rings, tree-like beings made of the same fiber.
They tore down the damn Sauraman built so he could farm Uruk-Hai.

Seriously, when I read you were going to be an ent in the game I couldn’t help but look for a white evil wizard in the description XD

Very low poly… in fact, it looks like this could run smoothly on an NDSL…

(oh, btw, nice to see another bionicle-fan outside bzpower ^^ )

Controls for the main ent, robots who can cut trees, forest generation are finished.

I have also added a lumberjack who cuts trees slower than the previous robot:

Randomly generated forest can be seen here, along with the ent throwing a rock:

(at the moment there is only one kind of tree, with random scale and orientation, but I will add three or four other kinds, and bushes)

Also the robots explode when hit by a rock, and we can take their pieces and throw them at other robots.

I need to :
_ improve rock throwing
_ do more trees, rocks, maybe birds in the sky, and finish the first level.

So… each level gets randonly generated?
Or at least, as far as rocks and trees go?

Yes, the trees are randomly generated, but there is always the same number.

So it’s finished, link in the first post.


We for me it is but it lags like nutscases!
Though… thats likely because of the laptop…

@PerEriksson : Have you extracted the files ? It might be that. I will try to post a exe.

Sorry for the lag, I didn’t have the time to make lod.