BGMC 11 | Fight against forest destructors

Almost all textures come from, so you can’t use them without viewing their license first at their site.

Here is the download link:
(File > download)

I used blender 2.67b.

You play as an ent. One day, some humans arrive at your beloved forest and start cutting trees with robots and stuff. The goal is to smash them and destruct the tower they built.

Main Menu:

Level 1:

Sounds used from :
“A Tree Falling Down.wav” from ecfike
“Explosion 1.wav” from Deganoth
“Foorsteps_Grass.wav” from kMoon

Music :

Edvard Grieg

Peer Gynt suite n°1 op. 46
La mort d’ase
La danse d’anitra
Dans le hall du roi de montagne