BGMC 11 | Fish

I’m doing a cartoony style game with a fish that has to swim through the river avoiding predators.

I do love cartoony styles, cant wait to see more

Added more graphically and made the ground scroll

Nice, cartoony, graphical style!

I’ve added some basic fish movement, an enemy, and some additional scenery

I could be more funny if the eyes weren’t predator eyes on the main character; Make the pupils facing outward, not forward

The game looks good already but you should maybe add some color variations using vertex colors.

I’ve added hearts that disappear when you touch enemies (added two more of those). I followed Josip Kladaric’s advice (sort of) and added some textures (hopefully more to come tomorrow). There are now three objects that give points.

added a few extra scenery objects, made the coin and gems collectable (now I need to find a way to display the points), and improved enemy movement.

Great stuff!
The red fish looks more like a PacMan…
I like your style, just would like the sand not to be so flat? Give it some shades and bumps.

I didn’t do too much visually, today I’m mostly trying to make my enemy movement random-ish.
@ torakunsama, thanks! and I’ll try the ground bumpy :slight_smile:

mostly trying to get my gems to work today. I also make the start and end sceens

Here’s the link to the download:

The goal of Fish Fortune is to collect as many gems and coins as possible while not getting eaten or hurt by the red fish, jellyfish, or sea urchins. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. This is my first real game in blender, I had a lot of fun and learned tons :slight_smile: