BGMC 11 Flight of the dragon

Don’t know if it’s too late to join, I actually started this before yesterday until I realized I forgot to make a thread about it (doh!). It’s been a long time since I joined a BGMC and have been unable to join due to the fact I had to do my Zivildienst (don’t ask) but now that it’s over I can finally get back to using Blender again! YAY!

This game is about isn’t about an actual dragon, it’s about a draco lizard… in a forest… nuff said.
It’s a 2.5 side scroller with the main mechanic being gliding.
There will be a small story in it if I have time, quite frankly I’m more concerned with the mechanics at this point.

Here is a test level

The background isn’t mine, it is from this fellow (link:, if I have time I will either find another image or take a picture of my own (there are plenty of forests in Austria, should be easy)

And here is a problem I am having, I don’t know how to align the Draco lizard to the ground, any help would be appreciated

nice work…
oww… thats problem… sorry i m still a beginer and can not even write python script… just logic brick make me alive… that why i choose BGE (make a game without prog… script)… but still learn python… off course.
hope another member can help you…
keep it up…

You need a python script to align it to surface normal. Ask around in Game Support?

No need python :no:

You can use the “Constraint Actuator”, select “Distance Constraint” in -Z axis “direction” ,
check “Local” and “normal” icone, apply a range (exp: 500 unit, like ray) to detect the ground
and add a property (exp: ground) on the object you need constraint… And That’s it :yes:


PS: Sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks i’ll try it out!

Why are you using 2.5x, the game engine in 2.6x has a bit more functionality and the general area has seen vast improvements in many cases (like the modeling area because of Bmesh).

Heck, I found that BGE scenes can be modeled much faster in the last few versions, 2.5x is generally not as stable and has a few features missing compared to 2.4x.

I am actually using the latest build, not 2.5, I meant to say 2.5D Platformer, I know how awesome 2.6 is, I’m actually using character physics for this (a million times easier then using dynamics imho).
I even used the skin modifier for the Draco Lizard (although I would like to make a better model if I have time).

Well, I failed, I don’t know what I was thinking making my first bge project after over a year of not touvhing the bge in a BGMC… that being said it was fun when I had the time to work on it and I got it it in a very experimental state (I wouldn’t mind completing it in the future though.
Congrats to whoever wins this time, looking forward to trying some of these games out.

Seriously though has the BGMC ever had so many contestants? This was probably the best contest yet!

The game idea is good, if you have fun working on it why stop ?

This was the biggest BGMC yet, now that I’m not organizing it alone (Alastair aka wallmasterr joined the team) we can cover much more ground. We now have a facebook page, twitter, thumblr, youtube, website and BlenderNation made a post about the challenge. Plus we had great prices this time.

Its not easy to organize but it all pays off when you see all the wip threads and all the great ideas people have.

We’ll see if I complete it, I always like to revisit ideas I have, besides my blender skills are a little rusty and seeing some of the amazing skills people have to do amazing models in one day you can bet I’ll do my best to improve myself. Besides i’d like to add more to my portfolio :smiley: Don’t worry though, I enjoy dabbling with the bge too much to stop using it :slight_smile:

Thankyou very much for organising this BGMC, you did a great job :wink: