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Deleted. I’m leaving


The void pieces spawn in correct positions and orientation so it’s something :slight_smile:

EDIT: Blah, I need to add different element pieces and some more visuals soon to paint better picture of the project since I have no other material here. Only 8 more hours until I can work on this again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool i like the idea :smiley:

Tuesday night update:

Working features:

  • 20 piece spherical grid
  • mouseover controls
  • switching 2 pieces around (it’s a game! :D)
  • spare pieces layout
  • level building out of keycode


  • rework layout
  • start developing different element pieces
  • playtest rules

Mouseover is soooo heavy to run, I might want to try something different.

EDIT: And a while later, shows my intentions better:

I’m clocking somewhere between 5-6 hours into the project with 10-15 left. Yikes.

Looks really nice! :slight_smile:

It’s starting to come together one element at a time :slight_smile: Red indicates active selection ATM but maybe change it to cyan color. Add a space BG, a halo and some light effects and it could be close to how I imagined it.

Rules checking also working already but there’s no error highlighting yet.

EDIT: Any ideas? My schedule is tight but I could manage something extra if we figure out something nice :slight_smile:

One thing I’m not sure: Is the spare pieces layout (option A) good or should I have “element banks” (option B) one for each (8 total) at the sides where you first pick an element and then where to put it?

nice, and the art is looking verry stylish

I have no idea how this game works but it looks very good and I want to play it :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry for not being clear.

Basically it’s a Rubick’s cube type of game. You have 20 pieces of total 8 different elements (you can think of them as colors, too) that you need to place on spherical grid with 20 slots. You need to organize the different elements so that they only “touch” certain other type of elements.

Some pieces are compatible with many types while some pieces can be put next to only 1 or 2 other elements. So which piece distribution you have essentially decides how hard a level will be.

There will be easier levels in the beginning to introduce all the elements one by one so assuming the rules comes more easy and natural. Once you start playing it should be clear what to do :slight_smile: I might be able to post a .blend with basic gameplay with couple of elements tonight. The only thing left to do for that is error highlighting.

It looks like I’ll be able to throw in the feature about inputting codes like “A9B1CG1F” that gives you certain piece configuration. This way players could create and share their challenges with each other :slight_smile:

BTW I’m still interested in hearing whether the spare piece layout (A) I currently have is good or whether I should make an element bank (B) which would stack all the same type pieces. What do you think?

I find it really nice idea, and the graphic style is sweet and minimalist, I love it!

Nice work :yes:

Thanks. The entire point was to make something with limited amount of content because I have very limited amount of time even though it’s a week long challenge :slight_smile:

More progress, also updated the starting post with a screenshot.


Next just more types and I can probably share almost working demo by evening :slight_smile:

A demo of gameplay, a .blend file: Dropbox link.

-Orbit the sphere with by holding middle mouse button and steering.
-Select pieces with left mouse button.
-Red pointers show incompatible matches as you place pieces.

Rules for these 3 pieces:
-water matches: shore
-shore matches: water and grass
-grass matches: shore

You know you’re done when red pointers and spare pieces vanish :slight_smile: Obviously it’s not a hard puzzle, it’s a mere tutorial level on the gameplay :slight_smile:


  • startup screen scene where you can load many levels or even your custom level
  • customize piece looks (will be refining them until Monday I guess :slight_smile: )
  • background music
  • A TIMER?

Cool idea ,played demo … its really good.

Thank you for playing mr. Wayne! :slight_smile:

Did you find it hard to learn, hard to move around, hard to complete? It’s difficult judging this stuff when you make the game yourself.

All input is welcome! :slight_smile:

easy to move around and complete… and its not hard to learn.

Updated the original post with most recent screenshots and playable demo, now with:

  • menu screen (needs a logo where there’s the spot for it :slight_smile: )
  • loading 4 prebuilt challenges
  • making your own custom challenge (piece count must add to 20) (adjust numbers by clicking on them, top or bottom part)
  • all 8 elements and rules work (but rules might be tweaked a bit)



Please, any feedback is welcome!

Update for tonight!

Refined element pieces
Reworked mouse controls, bug fixes
Updated menu scene with logo accessible with F1 key
4 built-in levels
Custom level loading

Element pieces can now be picked from the bank at sides and painted while you have the type available.

Top left = erase tiles Top right = switch tiles

UPDATE 27.10 Version 006
Refined element pieces
Updated menu scene
Added dynamic soundtrack
Added timer
Added records
Added Save and Load for records
Added piece counter and arrows for custom level piece counts
6 built-in levels (more to come)
Added progression requirement
Added indicators for active element banks
Custom level loading
Added level completion text
UPDATE 27.10 Version 006

Updated it SO much :smiley:



It’s pretty playable if I may say so.

Let me know what you think of the soundtrack, controls, difficulty etc :slight_smile:

Finally found some time to check out some games … and what a great one this is! I mean it’s really great overall (the cartoon style, the music, the idea, the code) but what amazes me the most is the amount of functionality you put in there in so little time! Chapeau!