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GaiaForge manual:

Left Mouse Button: Set active element bank, paint elements on Gaia (switch mode activated: set active piece, switch 2 elements around)
Middle Mouse Button: Rotate Gaia
Right Mouse Button: Erase piece
ESC = Go back to menu
F12 = Quit game

You can only access next levels as you clear the earlier one. You can see your previous records for a level you’ve completed before.

You can use the Custom Level to create your challenge for yourself and your friends. You can adjust different elements via the below list and up and down arrows. Note that there isn’t (yet) a formula to detect if the level is actually possible or not :slight_smile:

The level will be complete will all the pieces have been placed and there are no conflicts.

Matching elements:
(you’ll learn these intuitively as you progress on 16 levels)

Water matches Ice and Shore
Shore matches Water, Grass and Desert
Grass matches Shore, Desert and Forest
Desert matches Mountain, Fire, Shore, Grass
Fire matches Desert and Mountain
Forest matches Grass and Mountain
Mountain matches Forest, Desert, Fire and Ice
Ice matches Water and Mountain

An element always matches the same element, but a piece can only have 2 neighbors of the same element type as itself. You also score more points by placing elements as diversely as possible. So always avoid building single large areas out of an element, even if you get many of the same type!

Element conflicts are marked by little markers. Red markers between pieces indicate that the two elements are incompatible and can’t be placed next to each other. Yellow markers on edge of a piece indicate a missing pieces. A red marker on top of a piece show where a piece is surrounded by 3 of the same type.

You’ll find element banks of different elements that you can switch to on the sides of the screen. The icon with 2 pieces on the top right is a tool for switching 2 pieces around and black piece on the top left is for clearing the pieces. You will automatically keep placing the same type of piece until you run out of them from your element bank.

You can see your previous records for the level and as you complete a level your new records are highlighted in green. After completion it is important to always return to menu by pressing ESC before quitting so your progress is saved.

The game will create a save file in user home directory (the .blend directory would often require administrator rights) with filename “GaiaForgeAutoSave.cfg”. The save system is automatic and non-destructive meaning it will always combine save file and current data in most beneficial way. If for some reasons your save file has better records (shorter time record or better score) than your game has when you’re syncing it doesn’t overwrite your better records. Most of the time this translates to: just play and your progress is safe with the save file and syncing after every level.

If you want to reset your progress for some reason you may do so by removing (clears all progress) or manually editing the save file (which isn’t quite clear structured as of now) or rather by opening GaiaForge_007.blend and adjusting “records”, “points” and uncommenting the WriteSave( line and running the game once and then commenting the WriteSave( line.

Updated to v.008 :slight_smile:


  • Fixed save file path generating correctly. Hopefully it works for Linux/Mac OS X as well but I can’t confirm it myself
  • Adjusted some of the halos so they are better visible
  • Blocked F12 key from quitting the game in game screen. Now it returns you to menu screen, where it quits the game
  • Added a requested feature: Right mouse button can be now used to erase pieces

You can get the new version and your saves will remain intact from the previous version. If you already have the .exe pack it’s enough if you download the GaiaForce_008.blend, rename it to GaiaForce_007 and overwrite the existing .blend inside GaiaForge directory.

If you encounter any bugs please feel free to report :slight_smile:

I tested your game and recorded a short video:

The game is uploaded to our host and you can download it here:
We will use the same link on our website and in the Youtube video so you can track your stats here:

Wow, thank you very much for the effort! Do you plan to do a video for all the entries?

Yes, I already tested/recoded/uploaded 15 games, but now I have to get all the descriptions you guys wrote somewhere in your wip threads and stuff like that.

Oh, right. :slight_smile: You must have lot of work to do for all the games, kudos!

BTW Anybody reached lvl 16 yet? Just wondering if I made it too hard or easy. :smiley:


Wow thanks for the feedback!

I know about the materials, they are just solid color with ramps and lighting is just 2 hemis. I meant to do texture paint as well but I didn’t have time to customize all the pieces as much as I would have liked to. I actually did some pieces in better detail but together with other pieces they didn’t match, I would have needed to redo all so I decided to forget about it for now. But having unified graphical look is important to me and this way I got good and simple graphics look without much fuzz :slight_smile:

I meant to add many things like smoke to the mountains, lava spashes to fire, some birds flying in forest, fish in water but it was all planned in the “if I have some time left”. Also had wild ideas about light shows and particle effect that would fly around when you place pieces and complete level, but no time. Instead I chose to spend what little time I had left on save system (so you don’t have to beat all the levels without closing the game :slight_smile: ) and making more levels to actually improve the gameplay.

BTW that save system works with the .blend file too. So you can just open it later in Blender, hit P and continue from where you left (level2? :D).

Also was planning to slap on a subtle bloom filter but I actually forgot it altogether somewhere along the project :smiley:

So many ideas, so little time. Maybe I need to put together a team next time :wink:

I played your game again last night, I want to see how many levels can I solve :slight_smile:
There is one thing I would like you to change. I don’t know is it just me but the camera control seems counter intuitive. For example, when I want to get to a part of the sphere that is on the top, its feels natural to place my cursor there and the top rotates to face me. Right now I have to go to the bottom of the screen, rotate it, go back up, place a piece, back down to rotate it and up again to place another.

The game is great and I can play it the way it is, but it would be great if you could maybe make a version with different control just to try it. I’m sure its just a matter of changing a few lines of code.

Now that you mention it, yes it is pretty backwards in a way, somehow that seemed logical to me. These are the kind of things why I asked so much feedback in testing phase, you grow blind to your errors yourself :smiley:

It is easy to change. Just go to and Orbit() function and lines 17 and 18.

You just need to add minus (-) in front of the 0.03 (that number adjusts sensitivity or speed of turning BTW).

Change this:

yawPower = 0.03 * (midx - position[0]) / (midx)
pitchPower = 0.03 * (midy - position[1]) / (midy)

into this:

yawPower = -0.03 * (midx - position[0]) / (midx)
pitchPower = -0.03 * (midy - position[1]) / (midy)

I’ll update it for the next version. I also want to add more levels but we’ll see about that. :slight_smile:

Perfect, feels much more natural this way.

Thanks for the tip and happy playing :slight_smile:

My bad, posted in the wrong place:

Yes, great game indeed.

I almost beat it! Got to level 13, it gets really hard after level 12. heh.

My only critic is the mouselook. You should be able to pull the camera where you want it to go. In other words, it should feel like I’m grabbing the planet and rotating it instead of the camera moving around it.

So, 9/10 from me! Good job. (:

Look up a few posts, there is one where he explains how to invert the rotation

The inversion doesn’t help, I did it myself in the .blend to see if that was the problem.
It just feels weird, but it’s not that big of a deal. I didn’t base my vote off that anyways…

I know, you probably mean like you can pan in Blender 3D view with middle mouse button.

Wouldn’t be hard to implement, just would need storing cursor position and measuring the movement from the last frame when MMB is pressed down.

It would be pretty intuitive this way if you’re a Blender user as most of the testers obviously are. But these begin to be matter of taste and I would like to implement these features as options you could adjust but it’s bigger work since they need storing in save file as well as UI buttons and displays etc. Maybe in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your feedback, Linkxgl :slight_smile:

Oh yes, for sure, it’s just preference, which is why I didn’t base my vote off that.

And I meant literally like I’m grabbing the world and I’m rotating it, the equivalent to spinning a globe! So if I rotated it fast, it would keep turning until I stopped it with my hand. It just seems fitting for a game like this.

I’m curious on how you actually made the puzzles. I’m assuming that you just created a finished level and then count the pieces that are used?

Well because I was so little time to work on the game altogether I actually developed the puzzles when I couldn’t be on computer. I devised this diagram, a certain diamond pattern which is sort of unwrap of the icosahedron faces. Basically you first make a pentagon and triangle fan it, then extend the outer sides to star shape. That is 10 triangles. Then you connect the points of the star ends. 15 triangles. And finally you extend the lines you just made to new triangles forming a bulged out star shape with very short star ends.

So when I was playing with my daughter I drew these diagrams and colored them with crayons :slight_smile: Start with some color piece, then the surrounding ones, etc and try to make it as varying as possible. I can maybe post some screenshots of these later because they speak more than thousand words.

But you could actually design levels with the custom level feature. Remove the check for sum of 20 in custom level start script makes it easier. You can then make a level with 20 of each element type available and just start placing them :slight_smile: