BGMC 11 It's All About The Nuts

I used version 2.67 for this game. Will post a link to Blendswap when it gets approved.

I have finished it at last.
Nice models of the squirrel and trees but one point of critique:
Your game is way too high poly. Why does it need 293456 tris?
Rendering each of your trees to a texture and placing these on simple planes in different distances and angles in the background would have caused a huge performance increase.

Yea I seen that was an issue, tried to reduce the poly on a few trail and errors in the start of putting it all together but Strangely enough this made the squirrel look like he had two tails one in front and one in back when he changed direction, never found away to stop the effect.
On a side note All the art work came from Blend Swap as I am not a good modeler or texture guy.

Background Scene Art
Foliage Trees by Eugene Kiver

Raccoon / Squirrel Alec Maximus

Radioactive/Biohazard Logo" by piercingsbyjj

I think all other items I created, Nut, Tree limb some small things.

Thanks for trying it out