BGMC 11 l Nightfall

OK, so hopefully this’ll be a pretty basic survival game in which you have to find food and protection from ravenous wolves to survive. A classic tale of man vs nature.

So far I have got a HUD with a health bar and stamina/vitality bar (this is slowly depleting as you get hungry and can be refilled by eating and drinking-when the stamina bar is fully depleted, health takes a large hit and starts decreasing), and
I’ve finished the basic terrain mesh and have started adding some forests.

I still have to get the enemies’ AI done, and add primitive weapons and a simple menu and death screen. I wont have much time to work on this later in the week, so we’ll see how it goes.:slight_smile:


Very good HUD, better than I could do. Keep up the good work (also could you make a tutorial for the health bar and the ‘eat fern’ property managment)!

In the first picture you posted with the terrain mesh there are way too many polygons. Maybe you could try using the decimate modifier on the mesh to get the poly count lower, or just remake it with a lot less geometry. If you don’t get that poly count down there will be tons of lag for a lot of people.

Thanks Geometricity! You’re right, of course. I was planning on optimizing that, will get right on it.


-optimized terrain and trees
-added wolves with basic ai
-added sounds
-started working on weapons

Today: finish up weapons, add more food sources and add menu

Good job!
I think some grass + bushes with lods and draw distance would give a nice touch to the ground.

Thanks Jackii. I tried to implement your idea to some extent in the finished game, which is in the finished games forum now. It’s not very good but I learned a lot and it was a blast making it. Definitely worth it!