BGMC 11 | Migrator

Hello! This is Joystik Studios (the one man team), on BlenderArtists for the Blender Game Making Challenge 11. The theme being nature, I will be making a game that follows several animals on their migratory journey. Stay tuned for updates.

All other updates are irrelevant


The game is finished and is ready for download! The .exe can be obtained on my blog. The .blends can be obtained on my BlendSwap (pending, may not be able to view it until tommorow). The .exe is recommended because the python scripts may not work in the BlendSwap version.


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Sounds relaxing, and might learn something. Also you should so do a version with a “David Attenburgh” style voice over.

The basic logic and models and animation and HUD and sound and textures and stuff is finished on the duck level! Salmon level is under way. Here is a video:

Nice idea, wallmasterr. I can do a British accent, but not quite an Attenborough.

Finished up for today with a major bug. The Salmon model has a swimming animation, but it will not play in the Game Engine. I have no idea why, so if someone could help me it would be much appreciated. I am using Always (set to true) -------- And -------- Action(FishArmAction), frames 1 to 29, 5 frame blend, priority 0, layer 0, layer weight 0. Blender 2.68a.

After a short, stressful morning of facepalming about the inconsistency of Algebraic variables, I opened up Blender and found it takes close to a minute and a half to start the game engine. I have an animated texture that I would really like to keep, so could someone tell me how to speed up gametime?

Tuesday Morning Update: I added normals without a normal map to the body of the bear that will (eventually) attempt to eat the migrating salmon. I am happy with the way it turned out.


The Salmon Level is on hold for a while. If anyone could tell me how to turn down the brightness is GSLS shading…
Anyway, I am currently working on a coin system for the Duck Level. The only bug left to work out is the disappearance of the coins. They don’t disappear.:confused:
Here is the screenshot of the Duck Level:

The grey box does not appear in game, it’s a collision box for working out the coin bug.

Literally 45 seconds after the last post, the coin bug is squashed!

Just figured out my slow game engine issue. I was running 32bit Blender on 64bit windows. Duh.

Alpha build with Duck Level ready for download! The fish level is packed in the game, but is not complete (don’t try and play it, it will probably crash Blender). If you have the Burster plugin, you can play on the site. Grab it here.

Looks like a fun game. Could you maybe make the blue of the sky a bit darker
(haven’t played the game yet, I’ll wait until the challenge is over)

Yeah, that’s one of the polishing things I need to do. I’ve got 2-4 hours a day to work on this, so I should be able to work that in soon.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Salmon level tends to take up <50% CPU, and takes 1.5 to 2 minutes to start, and has complex coding that has WAY too many bugs. It will be cut in favor of the butterfly level. If the duck level graphics are finished on schedule (today or early tommorow), another, more simple level will be created based off the Salmon original design.

Butterfly coding (cars, milkweed, etc.) is complete! Tomorrow I will add birds that chase you around in the butterfly level and work on cartoon style black borders around objects in the duck level. Speaking of, does anyone know how to do that? For example, the Pokemon clip that showed in the BGMC Theme announcement video, I want that border.

Latest Update is here! Grab it here.

Yesterday was terrible. I gave up my 1 hour I had in the morning to work on my game to the Wii system, playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I then had to continue progress on my game and my grandmothers’ house. The lighting was completely gone. All my lighting. I spent this morning fixing that error. The rest of today will be dedicated to bonus levels and graphics.

  • You can use any publicly available resources to speed up the development but you must declare what are you using and where can others get it. ( Don’t use resources you don’t have the legal rights to )

I am taking advantage of this allowance and have downloaded a low-poly bear. I am a terrible modeler and would not be able to create a bear of the quality I need. You can get the bear here.

Watching Suzanne awards live over YouTube…
Also I am adding a Hibernation bonus level! Screenshots this afternoon.