BGMC 11 NIM aura of delana

Hey guys here is what i got done. wish i could have made more, but time is definitely an enemy.:frowning:
hopefully u guys will enjoy some of it.

I used a modified version of solarlune’s vector based movement script and the uv scroll script. The music was made by me, but the sound effects were from

How do you attack? Is it supposed to grab the mouse movement and clicks? Is there a .blend available?

So sorry! To attack press C and to move use the arrow keys and to jump press space. there is no mouse movement.

Hehe I tried MANY keys but apparently not C :smiley:

Thanks, playing it :slight_smile:

Bugger, now the level2 is totally black for me. Many errors in console about some images not being able to load and also physics? Is that lvl2 supposed to work?

Cool game :slight_smile: Camera should be able to turn though because jumping is very hard and you can’t really see where the semi-transparent platforms are and where the semi transparent character is :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the platforming is REALLY difficult because of camera angle, but i kinda like it that way (It gives the player a reason to play the level more, so they feel like they have accomplished something when they get past the platforms). As for the lvl.2 problem : That is the only thing i can’t get figured out. the first several times i played the standalone, the second level worked just fine. but now i cant get it to work. i have tried many different things to try and fix this, but the game seems to have some major path problems (most of the textures used in lvl 2 are also in lvl 1 but they can’t seem to find them). thanks so much kheetor for playing my crap game and giving me some feedback :smiley:

No, it’s not crap, come on :slight_smile: Sometimes these things just won’t run properly.

Just slap in 3rd person camera script and it’s totally playable. You worked so hard for those models and levels it would be shame if people couldn’t play it.