BGMC 11 | terraform

this is going to be my game for the BGMC 10 : nature
in the year 2XXX humanity left the planet because it couldnt hold any more life, giant arks left the planet and wandered through the space during a long time, now the year 3000 aproaches, and they found a solar system with planets similar to earth but that lack any water or atmosphere, you work for a corporation called terracorp, and you must prepare the planets to be colonized, this includes adding water, growing plants, creating a oxygen atmosphere, and all that stuff.

enough talk, lets see the screenshots!

you start with a deserted lifeless planet:

latest screenshoot:

thanks for reading

Sweet, this game could scale infinitly. Also liking the pixely angular geomitery , keep it up :smiley:

hey thanks!

so, today i got exactly one hour to work on this, and i made water vaporizers(they create clouds), and a working water cicle, that turns the vaporizers water into clouds and then if there is a storm they unload the water to the planet water, but beware! if you have too many vaporizers you may flood the planet!
currently i controll storms by pressing space, but later they will be controllled by temperature if i get to add it, or randomly if i dont get to add temperature
im planning to add seeders(machine that puts plants) and mineralizers(machine that gives the minerals required for plants)
anyway, here are two screenshoots showing clouds, rain, and ocean level, the numbers are just for debbuging, they will be removed later

thanks for reading!

I want to play this already :slight_smile:

hey thanks!, im glad you like it :smiley:

well, since tuesday, i couldnt progress any further, school and life got in the middle, and i just couldnt get any time, today i didnt have school, so i spent the whole morning trying to get to work the vegetation, and it did, but its not ready, i still need to define when and if the vegetation can grow(plants need water and minerals to grow), also made storms random, each 15 seconds the planet will decide if for the next 15 seconds there will be rain or not, also added mineralizer and seeder machines, both unfinished, and made a little tittle screen, wich you can see below, thanks for reading!


I think this little game could have had real potential. I am loving the almost abstract graphical style that reminds me a little of the graphically minimalistic “Ants” RTS from yesteryear.

I have to admit, at first I was trying to understand the screenshots as the surface of a planet, and not a planet in space. It looked like a flower on a black plain, but when I saw the clouds the intention became clear.

ha, thanks, i was going to submit it, but i only had 5 or 6 hours to work on it in the entire week, it was very unfinished, and it had random spots of huge lag, so i decided to back off and not upload it, perhaps if i get some time i can make a playable demo soon, but the two next weeks are filled with exams, so dont expect much, thanks for your comment!