'BGMC 11 | The Forest puzzle'


This is my entry for the BGMC 11.

The goal of the game: Try to find the mysterious square table, which is somewhere underground. But how do you get there? That’s for you to figure out. I know, I know, strange thing to make a game about, but it’s the best thing I could do in one week, and with my limited game knowledge.
As a quick note, the two beds and the water were not made in the week, but before.
Here is the updated .blend file link:


This one has a fixed these bugs and added features:

  1. When you exit the first house, your lock pick disappears, so you have to re-find it again before you can re-enter the house.
  2. When clicking on the door to the second house, nothing happened.
  3. After entering the inn when you have the lock picks, the door out does not work.
  4. After you get the lock pick, you could not get into the second house.
  5. Now you jump can in the caves
  6. Now has a quit button

Anyway, good luck to all!



I just tried it out man!
But you could have worked a litle bit more with the texture and some models, with the grapic, movement, fps (there are some ways to fix it), some more work with the bridge and also some more work with the light. I really liked the terrain, there aren’t many who actually model the terrain, I also liked the trees and the talk system, I think you have a quite big world which also is good!
Good luck man!

I’ll see what I can do about your suggestions, maybe make this into a full fledged game once the contest is over. Thanks for the feedback and critique!

A very nice contribution, thanks.

Wow nice! looks good.
man its been awhile since i’ve been on these forums:)