BGMC 11 | The Loggers From Hell

My entry for this month’s BGMC.

The plot is you and your friend hear news that the old Cedar tree is about to be cut down by loggers.
You then go to try and stop them, but they turn into hellish creations and try to kill you.

I’m gonna try and make it a decent length, and it WILL be heavily influenced by the old
Legend of Zelda games (mainly Link’s Awakening)

I like the idea, good luck :slight_smile:

It’s a tough theme, no doubt.
Hopefully this is still classified as ‘nature’ :o

Cant wait to play this , sounds like it could be funny and love zelda so im sure this one will be awesome. :smiley:


Designed the map + story, now all I must do is create it!
A little preoccupied with school, but SCREW IT, blender is infinitely more important.
I also found some nifty music, I think it fits the style well :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot…

What do you think of the graphics,
fit well with the style I’m aiming for?

All in favor of this design choice say “AYE”!

I like the style, especially if you are going for some Zelda-ish style.
I would add a bit more “depth” to the materials, they are looking really flat. Tthe assets look very dark compared the characters. Even if you just add some light-green pixels to the trees (for example to imitate leaves) that would give much more depth without being too detail-ish. Hope that helps =)

I understand what you mean, everything does look too ‘solid’ compared to the characters…
I’ll see what I can do about the trees :slight_smile:

If your game is set at night you may want to add some planes to the houses with a shadeless material for windows, that would make a nice contrast in the scene.

BTW I like the design choice:)

**Update # 2 **

-Worked a lot on the map since I’ve returned home, made the grass, trees + dirt a bit lighter,
and made some random characters that you can talk to if you approch

-More map stuff
-Boss Battle
-Better fighting mechanic
-Attempt to fix the character motion (the character model thing is BROKEN, I won’t be able to fix it either. No idea how to… pressing keys consecutively = he’ll be walking as if he’s facing to the left, but will be going upwards)