BGMC 11 | Turf War - now playable

The game is now playable! I’d call it more of an alpha, but the general idea is there.
It’s basically a collection of crazy sandboxes that (mostly) play themselves.

What are you waiting for??? Download!!!
Note: Be sure to extract the zip before playing

–Known problems–

Units go flying when the framerate dives
Seems to be something with using the steering actuator on static objects.
I was able to fashion a dirty workaround, but it requires a patched blender.
For now just avoid selecting all units during intense battles.

Several missing sounds
I’ll try to get them in tomorrow, if there’s time.

Sucks too much CPU

Genre: RTS
3 man team: Artist, Composer, Programmer

Going for something RTS-ish, with elements gleaned from D&D 3.5 and others.
Single player, Blender 2.68a



Day 1
Wrote the GDD and map specification
Modeled + animated the main unit
Some progress on the map editor and unit generator

Day 2
Finished the map editor
Initial game sim running (gasp!)
Probably other things

So far we’re much less behind than anticipated, but still behind nonetheless.
Still… I have a good feeling about this. We shall see what tomorrow holds.

Day 3
What’s this?! Could it be that the game is actually on schedule?
Yes! Although it’s never too late for something to go wrong.

-Most HUD functionality
-Unit generator finished
-Progress on the ambient soundtrack and other audio-related things
-Visual improvements to the main unit, some static props, and something reminiscent of Dune 2000…

Tomorrow is the last big step. If everything goes to plan, then the remaining week will be pure content creation.

I’ll get more screens up tomorrow. It’s getting late.

Day 4
-Significant improvements to one of the units
-Intense combat

There’s about 1 more day of core gameplay that needs finishing.
Unless there’s time on the weekend, the playable content will most likely be a few wacky sandboxes.

Day 5
-The deadly (yet aloof) grasshopper
-Bug fixes, balance tweaks, etc. etc.
-Plenty of new sounds

Day 6
-Minor gameplay changes
-Spent some time working with sound

Sadly, it looks as though Megagnat and the evil cube wont be making an appearance.

Day 7
Some finishing touches

Hey, its nice to see you again. I like your games, keep it up.

Looks like an ambitious project but you have 3 person team so looking forward to it!

Do you have any screens you could give to the drooling public? :wink:

Ah yes, here we have an older WIP of the base unit:

At this point most everything else is just a bunch of text and cubes.
But I suspect we’ll have more to show Wednesday - Thursday.

It certainly is ambitious, which is what I love about these competitions.
Mashing out something crazy without fear of long-term sustainability.

The first gameplay screenshot worth showing:

Current state
-No story whatsoever (not changing)
-Sucks way too much CPU (might get worse)
-Obstacle avoidance sends units flying when the framerate takes a hit (not changing)
-The ground is a plain gray surface. Try to pretend it’s a lush, well-maintained lawn.

I will download it later today! Looks fun

That happened to me also. Extracting the game from the zip should fix the issue

Oh yeah, the Python module controller wont find external files unless you extract.
I’ll add that to post #1

.zip problem aside, it runs on both Linux and Windows. Didn’t have a Mac for testing, but it should work because there’s nothing OS-specific about it.