BGMC 11 | WooF

Guess I’ll see if I can’t get a littlepainted dog related RTS up and running…

Something vaguely resembling a design doc:

General Gameplay:* After choosing a name for their pack, the player begins their journey thru the African savanna to expand and procreate, chasing down prey and hopefully, allowing for postmortem continuation of gameplay through their amounted offspring and/or companions. Obstacles include prey scarcity and the occasional predator.

  • Player control boils down to direct ASDX manipulation of the Alpha, with various gesture-based commands for their companions.
  • Camera control consists of either a low, over-the-shoulder view, for quick commands and general maneuverability, or a high, overhead view, for a better understanding of territories and last known positions of prey/predators.
  • Bonus, animalistic abilities include a “scent carried by wind based” sense of smell and a circular, pulse-based sense of heightened hearing, both toggle-able thru button holds.

“Technical” Nonsense:* The pack’s name acts as a seed for pseudo-random terrain/animal generation -vaguely reminiscent of Conway’s Game of Life

  • Time will be condensed to 2 min:1 day for a roughly three(3) hr campaign -least for those concerned with pups.
  • AI, both prey and predator, will be relatively simple, concerning itself only with food and rest, but will hopefully be unpredictable enough for some excitement.

Some pretty pictures/videos should be up some time within the next two days, with a playable .blend appearing o’er the weekend for testing…