BGMC 13 | All games pack

Hey guys! I’ve packaged all of the entries to BGMC 13 into a single .zip file which you can download here.

Congratz to all of the entries!



Fun week developing games, now a full week of playing 'em!
Thanks for packaging them all up! Are you gonna be doing a playthrough of the games? Or is someone else doing it?

Edit: Fredstash’s game is not included in the Screenshot.

Nice work, thanks!

good jam guys , nice to be able to download all the games at the same time

I just noticed that Tank Builder is just an empty blend scene!

So if I understand this correctly there won’t be any “poll based” voting this time?

Thanks RandomPickle97. They don’t have to fix the nicely put together image but I would like to point out that my game is made and completed, I just didn’t realize that we we supposed to post it in another area.

I am planning on doing that. Well, all except for mine that is. I will probably do like a devlog or something for that.
Also, I found Fredstash’s logo, it was behind the other logos in a hidden layer. Sorry about that, I will update the image though.

Edit: Also I will be checking on the tank building game.

I think I have it all fixed now.