BGMC 13- BlargBot


standalone mode, does not work hd/1600*900->monitor /obs :smiley:

An interesting start. Are you using bitmaps for the parts of the robot or are they meshes?
For the competition they should probably be bitmaps, but I suppose you could do everything with detailed meshes and then use a pixelate or other shader over every thing.

there planes parented to bones :smiley:
I am @ 70 triangles :smiley:

This looks really cool.
Will you use the b/w art style from your second video in the game?
I think the metallic look of the of the normal mapped bot would look even nicer.

I think I like the grey+normal look better as well, :smiley:

Neat idea to use planes and mechanical animation in place of spriting and pixelart. Lookin good BPR!


added - missile sprite, projectile sprite sheet, power ups reduce weapon cool time

OOPS stung myself

  • Mayor Bee

added enemy type “Bit Bird”

Thinking of changing the name to Blarg-o-Tronic

Awesome!!! love it =D

Looks great. Is there going to be a death animation with all the limbs flying off in different directions?