BGMC 13- BlargOTron!


Escape this dark dimension you were cast into in the name of research!


Changed the fil 2 times, due to user error (I left debug on)

there is one texture that did not pack (the last platform) but I am done :smiley:

Don’t charge the weapon too fast; It crashes. Also right click seems to cause it to crash as well.

Odd, thats add missile,

It sounds like a sound issue, if its the missile and the charging…

Try unhooking the sound actuator in a object bullet.001

Also, does your computer do ok with 3d audio?

I have never gotten a crash,

What version of blender are you running?

2.70, Iv’e never had a problem with 3d audio.

Un-hooking the actuator seems to have fixed it though.

just uncheck 3d sound in the actuator, then set the volume so it’s not overly crazy

(same with the charging sounds)

Thanks for playing!

A very short but sweet game.

The good:
I like the physical animation of the main character. Very unique.
The atmosphere is great, the weird shining lights give a singular feeling to the game.
Nice to have two different attacks.
You’ve got a lot of potential gameplay functions, you could expand it in to several levels without the player getting too bored.

The not so good:
I found the up/down directions for walking difficult and uncomfortable controls. Surely left right would be more comfortable?
The game seems pretty short, I didn’t get to the end of it, but looking at the blend it doesn’t seem to go on that much further.
There was a problem with the textures of the energy and health gauge. Are they supposed to use the plasma texture?
Sometimes blarg bot would be lost off screen.

Overall, a nice game for a week’s work. Very nice indeed.
It’d be fun to see more levels and enemies maybe…

Good luck with the competition!

Pretty hard game, took me a while to figure out that Up/Down controlled motion.

The giant enemy that resembles the ship from asteroids is pretty hard to beat, and I couldn’t move those boxes at the beginning.
After figuring out the controls and how to shoot, I had fun. The music and flashing lights were a nice touch!
In the end, (because this is a .blend file and I was curious) I moved the player to the end of the level.

I like the “You Win” sign! :slight_smile:

Terrific soundtrack! Is that you singing in the background? I must say I liked the game.


No its not me, its Urgent incomming message on low pitch, a Creative Commons 0 youtube song,


All other sound except sliding a from and are cc 0,

The only sound that is not is Listed in a text there.


I assumed I would do better, (shows what I know!)

I know I did not get the level done, or the menus, but I was rather focused on gameplay…