BGMC 13: Captain Brown

Blend File: (1.91 MB)

This is my submission to the BGMC 13. My game is a 2d side scroller, set in space. You follow Captain Brown, as he takes down some pirates and rebels [Spoilers!].

Unfortunately, (sorta kinda) I’m leaving for school this weekend, thus I’m too busy to finish it completely. (Note the ‘to be continued’ at the end). That said, don’t feel obligated to modify your rating of the game because of ‘potential’ or ‘it isn’t finished’.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! and good luck to everyone!

Note: Make sure you switch over to the scene (1-1 int).

The good points:
I like the stars, they look great.
The ship designs are really cool.
It has a good side scrolling atmosphere.
The dialog system was a nice touch.
You have done a lot with a very simple system.
It was nice to see expression controllers being used.
The animation of the ship as it moves up and down, tilting was a nice touch.

The bad.
At first I couldn’t start the game. It is setup so the first active scene is “background” I started by choosing one of the scenes randomly.
It seemed very difficult, I had to do the same difficult move again and again. Being able to choose when to shoot would have made that less annoying.
Everyone moved to the top of the screen where I couldn’t get at them easily. I also couldn’t see the bosses health bar because it’s off the screen.
Although there was music in the file it never played when I was going through the game. When is it supposed to play?
It was nice to have two different weapons, but the second one didn’t seem to be better than the first, despite seeming to fire slower. Maybe I missed something.

Overall I think it is a great game for just a week’s work, it reminds me of games I used to play when I was a kid.
If you were going to improve it I’d suggest more diverse weapons which you can choose when to shoot, being able to move forward and back on the screen as well as up and down, and some pickups like new weapons, armor or extra lives to give the player some incentive to move around the screen a bit more.

Anyway, great work, and good luck with the competition!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m planning on finishing it at some point (if you check the ‘info’ txt, its all my notes). I’ll probably go through and fix all the things you mentioned.

Pretty fun,
but the boss’ rate of fire in 1-2 is WAY too fast. To make matters worse, they had another ship right next him. Couldn’t get a shot on 'em to save my life.

Skipping ahead a few missions proved to be enjoyable, I liked the last one especially.
The game needed sound effects though, I ended up playing Queen in the background to liven things up.
Things also got repetitive pretty quickly, I liked the dialogue though. Trying to read the text while avoiding missiles was pretty tough

The 3D models are pretty great, I would’ve thought they were sprites if it weren’t for looking through the scenes.
All in all, I found it to be cool. It’d be far more satisfying having the enemy ships blow up, rather than retreat.

Good job!