BGMC#13 | Earth Force X

Hey guys! Here is my entry for BGMC 13. I may not get much, if any time to work on it tomorrow so I am uploading it now. If you find any bug please let me know :slight_smile: Also, I would love feedback!

raw link:

Default controls:
wsad: move
Move: aim
Left Click: Shoot

You can access the store (to buy upgrades) at the bottom of the screen.
To exit, you must go to the main menu first.


Nice work!

Good luck and happy blending!

It’s really polished for such a short period. Nice work!

First the good points:
The graphics are awesome, as are the sounds.
The movement style takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty well developed.
I like how you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to add a lot of stuff such as a store, cash, upgrades, high scores etc…
I love that you’ve taken the time to make a custom keys configuration system.

The not so good:
I’m getting massive problems trying to play the game, it slows to a crawl, at first I thought it was having problems trying to write the score, but I found there was a problem with fonts not being packed correctly.
I tried to find the problem text “energy too low” but I couldn’t find it. I wasn’t able to play the game for more than a minute because it freezes every time I run out of energy.

I hope you get some time to fix the fonts problem so others don’t have the same experience. it seems like a really great game, but I can’t really play it because of that problem. Anyway, good luck with the competition! :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can pull together :slight_smile:

Found a nifty little feature, go to file>external Data>Pack all into .blend

So good :smiley:

The link should be updated now. Thanks for the feedback!