BGMC 13 | Naval battle

Hey all!

This is the first time I participate in the BGMC, and I have to say that the theme was a really good idea!
So I decided to make a game, where the player is controlling a stationary gun on a battle ship and he has to shoot enemies (planes and ships) spawning in waves, which try to destroy a different ship that belongs to the players fraction.
Most of the basic stuff is already done, here is a screenshot (the number in the bottom left corner is the time since the start of the round):

Please let me know what you think about it!

Gameplay is up and working so far, also I have improved the graphics:

nice progress… second picture looks much better than the first. how did you get smoke in BGE?

Do you mean the clouds? They are just a texture on a flat plane. The other effects like the muzzle flash is a plane with a Halo material.

The game is working so far, but still some graphics stuff like the ships and the gun have to be improved. The Gameplay is fully working now, but I as I have some more days time I could implement some more stuff, what do you think?

Anyway here is a demo:

Wow! It’s really good, though I wasn’t very good at it.

It’s kind of annoying how the small boats go in front of the other ship. At that point I had to decide whether to just let them live or risk shooting the friendly boat. I can actually do a lot more damage to the friendly boat than the little ships can so it’s frustrating.

It might be a good idea to save such difficult enemies for later in the game, instead of having them as the first enemy. I’d also like to see the helicopters crash and burn. :slight_smile:

You can use or modify my low poly frigate if you want to.

All the best and good luck! Frigate.blend (223 KB)

@Smoking_mirror: Thanks for the criticism! I thought at first it would be an interesting thing that the player has to aim exactly for not hitting the ship, but now I have changed it so the ships don’t drive in front of the wrecked ship any longer.
The helis do explode and crash when you hit them. Maybe I will add a fire effect to the plane and the heli if it doesn’t increase the poly count too much.
I have implemented a health bar for the wrecked ship and also a new enemy class! I will post my updates here tomorrow.

@mzikander: Thank you very much! I used the model as a template to create an even more low poly model and baked the textures from it.

Looks pretty sweet so far!


So I have done a lot of fine tuning today, and I think I am pretty much finished now!
I might implement some kind of special attack that you can fire off once in a while, but I am not quite sure yet.

I hope anyone of you gets to see the new enemies, personally I didn’t manage to play long enough to see them!
Please tell me if you think the game is too difficult!

Latest Version DOWNLOAD:
So here is the latest pic:


Very nice, I like the way you organized your time.
Have you tried using a simple gradient for the background instead of the cloud texture ?

Yes I have tried that, but a blue sky it doesnt really fit to the atmosphere :wink: