BGMC 13 | Sentry-ZX-II

My head hurts even more than my neck after my last coding session (from 8-8 ^^) but finally Sentry-ZX-II is in a playable state and ready for the judges.

Due to a bug, the endboss is super easy but I won’t tell you which one.
You’ll have to find out yourself. :rolleyes:

I hope you’ll have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it. :slight_smile:

(maybe you’ll have to turn off mipmapping yourself in the user settings)

Download the “.blend” file: (1.01 MB)

The game was created with blender 2.71 so I recommend using this version of blender for execution.
License CC-BY-SA for all assets except the font which was created by someone else.

The game is fun, but it is pretty difficult, at first I fought off a few and thought they were easy but then they started killing me. It made me kind of sad when I died and I had to restart.

Yes even for me as the developer it took me two tries to finish it. But since it is only one short level I thought increasing the difficulty would make it a bit more fun.
A little hint: your range is further than that of the enemys :wink:

Cool game, I like the graphics!

the mines+being spotted caused lag (A*+3 mines?)

but it was fun :smiley:

That is one of the two problems that caused me headache.
Couldn’t find the culprit in time. I didn’t know that pathfinding is that ressource intense.
I’m just spawning three enemys at once.

I think it’s near sensors(what does the mines use?) that are your issue,

also I think A* is slower the larger the navmesh is?(more faces=slower?) are you using the steering actuator?

Very well made, the explosions and graphics all look great.
Pretty hard, but it’s forgivable!

Only complaint is if you’re using a mouse pad, (like I was) the arrow-key controls feel very awkward.
Using my left hand to aim/point felt horrible. Luckily, I had a USB Mouse laying around.

Awesome game. It looks great with no mipmpas, otherwise there’s some problems with seams and artifacts.

You can use:

import bge

To remove mipmapping with python rather than relying on players to set that in blender.

I noticed the slowdown too, but other than that I thought it was great.
Good luck with the competition! :slight_smile:

Strange, I don’t use any near sensors in the game. The mines use collision sensors.
I tried a near sensor on the player to trigger the enemy spawners but switched to collision objects that spread from one side of the way to the other and cause the spawnpoints to create enemys once as the player passes them.
I guess its the huge navmesh that is causing the problems.

thanks for the tip, I’ll be using it in my next 2d game. :slight_smile:

@random pickle:
I guess thats because I’m lefthanded. ^^
Usually use the arrow key with the right hand while moving the mouse with the left.
When I sit in front of a “right handed” pc at work, I work with crossed arms over the keyboard. Must look quite funny, I often get comments from collegues about that. :smiley: