BGMC 13 - WIP | Centry ZX-II

Wont have much time this week but I’ll try my best to deliver something playable.

Title: “Centry ZX-II”
Genre: Arcade shooter
Stile: 2D Pixelart / Top down perspective

About the game:
A strange computer virus infected the main systems of your ship, turning all sentry bots against the crew.
The captain managed to hack one of the bots and regain control over it.
Your objective is to fight back your former fellows and defend the bridge until the captain reaches the earth.

Day 1:
Created some dummy assets and wrote the basic logic for player movement, aiming, shooting and simple navmesh based movement for the enemies.
Made some basic textures for walls and the floor just to stay motivated.

As SolarLune already stated, fullscreen 512x480 causes the desktop to partly shine through on my linux machine. But it works well if you start it in windowed mode and just click the maximise button in the title bar.

Current screenshot from day 2:

[TABLE=“class: grid, width: 350, align: left”]


dark blue square

player laser shot:
purple rectangle

light red square

mine pickup:
small light blue square

mine placed:
small red square


Good luck Wendigo !

Cool, I’m looking forward to a video or some screenshots. :slight_smile:

Day 2:

  • did some more pixelart for the environment
  • player is now able to shoot lasers and place mines
  • health and energy management (for shooting lasers)
  • pickups

I uploaded a screenshot to the OP.
Actor textures and animations still missing.

Day 3:

  • Composed the main music theme with LMMS
  • Created a sprite for the player
  • Custom crosshair for aiming

Player Sprite:

good work nice graphics

Thanks gogon, I’m trying my best ^^

Day 4-5:

  • Created a hud
  • animations for mines and energy phalanx
  • logic for hud

I’m not sure which colour scheme I should use for the HUD.
What do you think?

I like the blue one. Looking good by the way:).

Blue is better because it offers contrast and it’s frankly easier to see.