BGMC 13 • WIP • Earth Force X

Hey guys :D!
Thought that I would jump in on this BGMC, so this will be my WIP thread.

Raw link:

Progress so far:
• Movement
• Basic weapons (with upgrade-ability planned for)
• STARS! :smiley:

To be done:
• Enemy ships (I would like quite a few)
• Upgrades on your own ship (engines, guns, armor)
• allied AI
• Story
• Menu
• Intro/cutscene graphics


Hey where can we join the BGMC? I don´t find any webpage or something like that…

The game looks good! I like the ship spaceship. Are you thinking in make a video?

Just post your game in the Finished Games forum before the end of the challenge, with this name: BGMC 13 | Name of the game, also if you want, you can post it in Works in Progress and Game Demos to show the progress of the game, but make sure that you post it in Finished Games forum. You don’t need to sign in any page.

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I am going to make multiple vidoes:
1- Showing off the other entrees on my LPBG channel
2- A time-lapse video of each day’s progress (unlisted on my main channel)
3- A gameplay/trailer for this game (also on the LPBG Channel)

Actually I thought, why not do a sort of “let’s develop” video? So I’ll do that too. Whether or not that one will be any good is in question however.

There is no official “signup” per se, just make a game following the rules and submit it at the end of the contest. More submission guidelines will be posted later this week.

Can’t wait to see what you can come up with!

Wow this already looks great !
Keep it up and good luck.

My internet has been so incredibly bad these past few days; so it took a while to get this video to upload. But better late then never right?

So here it is, end of day 2(Monday) video:

Raw link:

Day 4 update!
Added so much stuff :smiley:

raw link:

Your game looks stellar, I can’t wait to see what you do with it next.

The game mechanics look really great, only the background looks a little boring.
Have you thought about adding some planets, nebulars etc to the background?

Yes. However, up to this point I had been pretty much working on only the mechanics. But most of that is done so I will hopefully get some sort of extra background element in there.

And explosions :RocknRoll: