BGMC 14 All Games Pack

Voting period has officially started,
here is an “all games” pack for those who haven’t downloaded them yet (75.9 MB)

for a reminder on how to vote, check out post #4 of this thread

Also, being there are only 6 contestants,
made this:

Good luck everyone!

Did you add .blend or .exe for Windows which I can’t run on linux?

Where to vote?

Ah yes, only the .blend files are included.
I didn’t download any of the .exes, think you should be able to play the source files without any trouble

VOTING: Mentioned in the “Theme Announced Thread”, (though I really wasn’t clear, and for that I apologize)
you give each game a score of 1 out of 10 for each of the three categories (Gameplay, Visuals, and How “True” to the N64 era is it?)

Once that’s done, message me the scores and I’ll announce the winner at the end of the week.

Should look something like this:



and so on…

I’ll calculate the average (think that’s what Shogun did) and list the rankings
in either this thread, or the “Theme announced” one

Yes, it’s good for me…

I am so glad that this is a thing :yes:!

I think for this whole thing to be fair, the votes should be a poll, that is public, some how.

I wasn’t too fond of the polls, the feeling of getting little/no votes ain’t too great,
as opposed to a scoring system. This method also made sure that the person played all the games, rather than just looking at screenshots and voting based on that.

Using a poll next comp would be refreshing, though.
I think you can make polls public (as in seeing who voted what) in the “Create Poll” screen, though I’ve never used that option before.

You run the bgmc? What have I missed? :open_mouth: looks like the number of entries has stayed consistent.

Just this once, the torch has been passed on to smoking_mirror!
Looks as though there’s gonna be many more entries this time around

This thing is great. I hope it goes for a long time. I would… but I do Unity now