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Blendrok” is not about being conservative or moving save is about being BRUTAL !

FPS based on the Turok (1, 2 and 3 ) series for N64:

Technical/Artistic reference (Turok 3 : Shadows Of Oblivion) :

My idea of how I’m going to do this: I’m going to to put all my efforts in the game to look good and retro (N64 style) but the game-play will be most probably super basic. I’m going to expend 80% of my time in graphics 3D, textures and some animations, 15% on game development (I will copy from old and others free/opensource projects as much as possible) also I’m very bad developer so don’t expect a great game-play any way. And 5% left for sound and other stuff…

Also most probably I’m not going to be available to present the game on time, because I’m in holidays yes… but this means that I will be traveling around for some days.

The game will be a FPS set on the past (some time when there were dinosaurs) where a native american warrior has been send by a super advanced alien race (good guys) to save the humanity of the future by defeating another advanced alien race ( Bad guys ) in the past. I know to much interstellar…

It will have:

  • 1 or 2 levels a jungle / old temple.
  • Main character - Native american warrior named “Bidziil” means “he is strong in Navajo”.
  • 1 boss enemy t-rex
  • Some more wild small dinosaurs.
  • 1 lizard/humanoid char.
  • 1 alien bad guy.
  • weapons knife, bow and arrow… may be more…

That’s already a lot of work so expect some cuts !

Update 001 ## (31/12/2014 0:01)

Finishing looking for references start to work on models and levels.

Update 002 ## (31/12/2014 4:48)

uploaded a trex w.i.p image

Sounds awesome! If you want to implement youtube videos in a post just use the “insert video” icon and link the video instead of having to manually do it with html.

I started to work on the first textures and jungle level. It will be hard to fit N64’s specifications, great temptation to use more triangles and texture space…

Here some references that i’m using for the project:

To fast develop the game I’m going to use FPS templates on Blendswap website.

This ones looks like perfect for me, it’s more that what I will need:

T-rex model 90% done !

It will have 2 textures 64x64.

Great work so far!

The model and texture look great,
good luck!