BGMC 15 live stream: Ended

Status: Ended!

Hello everyone!
I will be streaming a play-through of the entries for BGMC 15 (not the most recent) today at 8:00 pm (EST or gmt-4) I would love to see you there!

Link to watch the recording of the live stream:

I am also wondering if this sort of post does not belong on the support and discussion forum. I don’t want to come across as spam-y but these type of posts tend to look like that. Let me know if I should change that! :yes:

Thank you!

We are live! Come say hello :D!

Nice run-through per usual. In my game you were playing the original version, I fixed a couple of those things that were wrong (aiming down) in the second one I posted below the first (XANDER BTW in case you were wondering). I really enjoy watching somebody play through all the games and seeing the differences between them.


P.S. Have you read through the posts to see what is happening with each game?

Not for this one. I will be sure to do that for the future though! :yes: I will also probably download from each thread as well instead of getting them from the game pack. Thank you for watching and giving feedback :D!

Nooooo, I missed it!
Saw the thread the day it was posted and yet still somehow forgot about it. Dang it

Managed to catch the first couple minutes before I was ejected from the building. Next time…