BGMC 15/ The Mars Wars!

Hello! This is my WIP entry for BGMC 15!
I made the RTS rig I put in the Resources section several years ago, and never could really find a use for it. After wondering onto this site a few weeks ago, and after checking out the newest version of Blender, and seeing the changes (especially the new mouselook data blocks), I decided to download the new version and give it a go.
Then I saw the competition posting and decided to give that a go, too!
The game will be an RTS setup, but it will not be a war game, or at least not as much so as the titles seems to suggest. Think of being in orbit around the planet Mars. You sold everything you owned on Earth and had your body shipped to an orbiting station (I don’t think I will be building any space ship, but it will be introduced as the story line in the beginning…somehow.)
Why? So you could mine gold on Mars and strike it rich!
Anyway, the first thing you get control over is a hovering prospecting robot. Once you (and it) find a source of gold on your claim the prospector bot will signal the ship above to drop a piece of mining equipment to actually dig the gold, and a mining shack, and one mining repair vehicle, and one orbital launcher to launch your gold up to the ship, so you can use it.
The mining shack is the main component; you as the player will click on it to buy more and better equipment, and if I have time, there will be some poacher bots that you will have to deal with.
Well, time to get started, and good luck to anyone else entering the competition!

Sounds awesome, looking forward to some screenshots :D!

Okay, first screen shot; still working on the map tonight…then World settings I guess. (I’ll know if my stencil worked as soon as I smooth my first little mountain. Tiling looks okay, too, at least up until now.)

Press w with selected faces and click smooth. Works really well and saves a lot of time. Repeat to smooth the verts further.

Hey, thnx, Thatimster! Forgot about the W key when editing (I need to download the new hot keys sheet). Also, my stencile failed to show up in the game engine…not an emergency; I’ll mess with it after I get some assets built.

Edit: Update; here’s my little prospector droid. His little arms aren’t attached, and his head ain’t screwed on quite right, but he’s coming along. I had to give up on the stencil for now…complete fail. I’m not nearly as worried about my textures as I am about getting stuff built. At least my RTS rig worked (after I hid all the other cameras in another layer).

Well, it doesn’t look as if I’m going to be finished in time…no where near it, actually! I’m not disappointed at all; I entered the competition to throw myself back into Blender and I have certainly learned a lot over that last 6 days! I would like to wish the best of luck to all of you who did enter, and I will be here to help judge a winner, and consider myself lucky to be able to do so, because I know you have all worked hard on your projects. So to all of you who are still in the running; good luck and high five!
(Continuing happily…:spin:)